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Survival rates for makes of concertina

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Has anyone done any estimates on the survival rates of different makes of concertina? I've not been able to find any references so far.

Are there a greater percentage of e.g. Concertinas made by Jefferies still around and being played than , say, Lachenal's or Jones?.

Given the extensive research and data collection being done by Dowright it may be possible  in the fullness of time to extrapolate from those results for Lachenal's.

If anyone has come across any information please will you post the links or get in touch




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I don't know about those; I'd venture a guess that the survival rate of cheap concertinas from Germany was rather low compared to the number produced there. For the English-made brands, you'd need an idea of how many are in use or still extant now. Interesting question. Maybe Dowright can comment.



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Thanks Ken,

I was discarding the cheap concertinas from Germany from my enquiry precisely for the reason  you give, my interest is in the better /best brands because many are still giving good service to many musicians and i find the subject interesting, I'm often looking at the website for "How Many Left" when it comes to classic cars. As you say, Dowright may be able to comment especially for Lachenal concertinas. From the figures he has released about the number of records he has, it would appear that the survival rate is about 0.8% but perhaps we can double that if we consider the numbers of instruments coming to light on auction sites and other places, that go unremarked.


My own experience is that of those two dozen or so old instruments that I have purchased only one was too far gone to repair and so became a spares instrument, the remainder live again. but also as you say we really need to know the total of those remaining to give a realistic answer, but dealers, collectors and others may have some idea of those that may  still be around e.g. in lofts, store rooms, etc. in addition to those we know of and those that are is use but whose existence have not been registered to anyone with an interest. I am aware of several Lachenal instruments belonging to friends and aquaintances that have not been recorded but are still in use.


Perhaps also the subject will raise some additional interest in the preservation and use of our favourite instruments.



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