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Jones No. 15690 (circa 1895)

6 1/4 inch ends. Wood fretwork. Bone Buttons. Steel Reeds,

5-fold bellows

It is no secret among professional players that Bb/F is a fine key combination for an Anglo concertina.

Highly recommended for Irish tunes, hymns, and Christmas carols.

No hard case. Soft gigbag included.

For sale at $1200. I will pay shipping and insurance in the US. Add $100 for overseas shiping/insurance.

Payment by personal check or bank draft in the US; by bank draft from overseas.

(I do not use PayPal.)

If interested, please send me a personal message, and I will send photos if requested.

Jones 26 Key Left Side.JPG

Jones 26 Key Right Side.JPG

Jones 26 Key Bellows.JPG

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Does anyone have an idea of why I cannot attach 2 or 3 photos of less than 200k each?


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We have a fairly small total file storage per user, and yours likely doesn't have that much free space left - it is all about the considerable funds Paul raises and spends to provide server space and the forum system for free to everyone who uses this site. The standard solution is to host your photos on another site (Dropbox, Flicker, etc) and link to those files.



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