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Wheatstone or Lachenal?


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I have bought  this concertina last week from ebay and I’m not sure whether it’s a Lachenal or Wheatstone, or has parts from both? The serial number that I see inside is 19059. I would imagine the ends have been replaced at some point. It has got mainly steel reeds with some brass replacements, and it plays decently well to say it’s extremely dusty inside since it has been stored for about 70 years or so. At first I thought it was a Lachenal as the 3 screws in the finger rest are not perfectly in line just like my other Lachenals, but then it has riveted levers, which I think was unique to most Wheatstones? 


For some reason the manufacturer name has been peeled off from the reed pan. 


Any help I’d really appreciate it. 









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It's a very heavily, and poorly, reworked instrument, but the serial number you've given says it has to be (originally) a Lachenal.


Wheatstone #19059 would have had both riveted levers (yours has "hook action" not "riveted"), as well as riveted (not "double-screwed") reeds. The silver-tipped buttons are also typical Lachenal, whilst the original rosewood ends appear to have been re-purposed and used as bushing boards.

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I see, thanks for the information. It does makes sense because the bushing board is paitend with gold paint on the other side and yes definitely a poor work done. As for the bellows, do you think it will be better a fit new set of bellows or just work on this one? They air airtight but too thick

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