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Is this a scam?

robert stewart

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Is this a scam? An interesting tenor-treble, with a stretch shape. the seller seems to be accepting bids, but when you look at the full details, says "only accepting Buy It Now".

The same seller has a set of uilleann pipes for sale...and surprise! the details are almost identical, with the same "only accepting BIN"

even though the auction seems to be accepting bids (which would cancel out Buy It Now).

Or am I paranoid?

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These guys pop up every so often. They offer 1930s Gibson and 1950s fender guitars for pennies on the dollar. High end bicycles and tools, along with hundreds of other items. They hacked me a couple of years ago and used my account name to list 6 or 7 hundred items. They also instruct you not to bid but to contact them for a buy it now on all of the listings.

The scam is easy to spot because they

always use the same photos. 

I report them to ebay as soon as the same old pictures of concertinas and guitars show up.


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I’m always leery of any eBay seller selling high ticket items with zero or only a few feedback ratings.  I like to see close to 100% feedback with 100+ buyer ratings and an account that’s been around for a few years at least.



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