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Haand me doon da Fiddle by Tom Anderson


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I have bought the paper version of the above tunebook twice, and have foolishly lent it to  someone-unknown and the replacement was "lost in the post" (along with a lot of my other dots...), so I feel as if i have some sort of "moral right" to the book even though i don't currently own a copy!  .


I am now trying to go digital , and Googling identifies several  places where I could download it - but none of them work for me.


Does anyone  know where it might be available as pdfs please ?

than you Gail

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In case you're searching for other music by Tom Anderson, there's the Hardie Press which has published a great deal of his work. See:  https://www.hardiepress.co.uk/ and  https://www.worldcat.org/title/tom-anderson-collection/oclc/266803147 

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