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Thread 'persistence' on forum opening page

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What controls the length of time for which a thread 'headline' is displayed on the forum opening page?


I ask because I've noticed that some threads to which contributions have been made quite recently are

not headlined in the top-level forum page, whereas some threads which have not been contributed to for

some time are still displayed. For example, threads going back as far as May 11 are still displayed, while

threads contributed to as recently as 48-72 hours ago have 'disappeared'.


Not particularly bothered (the 'missing' threads are still available, if looked for) - just curious.


Thank you.

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Which page do you mean by "opening page?" Is it the page for all the forums? (www.concertina.net/forums/) That just shows the most recently active thread in a given forum in the view I use. The less active the forums (e.g., Suggestions and Help is not very active), the older it will be. Or is the page for a given forum, e.g., General Discussion? (link) That shows the 20 most recently active threads in that forum (in my view, perhaps you can adjust this number in your preferences). And of course, if you choose "Unread Content" at the upper right, that is all you see.



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2 hours ago, Ken_Coles said:

(1)...Is it the page for all the forums? (www.concertina.net/forums/)...(2)The less active the forums, the older it will be.

(1) Yes, that's the one.

(2) Ah! That'll be what's causing it. Presumably, it happens all the time - it's simply never occurred that something I was

following was followed so quickly by a subsequent post in the same forum with a different headline, so I never noticed

the 'problem' before.


Understood - thank you.




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