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Wtb 30 Button Anglo

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Been away from the Concertina for a while, but want to get back to it. Looking to buy either a hybrid (Cielli, Clover,etc) or vintage. Willing to spend $2k-2.5k plus shipping. US only please.


Thanks, Mike

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I could let you have this one for US$2,500.


Lachenal, new six-fold bellows, new pads/springs. Metal ends on ebonized wood frame. Good action. In the photo, the Lachenal label has come loose. I will fix it.


30 button C/G plus bird-song and cock crow novelty buttons. Recently tuned to A=440.


Made around 1930. Excellent visual condition and plays well.


It is in Hong Kong at present, but my friends could take it to San Francisco for you later in February.


Let me know if you want further data, serial number or sound recording.





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Here is a sound sample:




Case: the original one is no longer suitable because of the change to six-fold bellows from five. I've got some soft, padded ones.


The Lachenal paper label is not an original: I think its a copy. But it's a genuine Lachenal box.

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