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For Sale again, G-D Anglo Of Mixed Heritage

Janet Dows

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This is a lovely anglo, 30 button, G-D. I got it from an individual who got it from the Button Box. It is in very good condition, has a sweet sound. The box is a Jeffries, as is the fingering. The bellows were replaced with Dipper bellows. The reeds were replaced with Wheatstone reeds.  I usually play a c-g, and although I love the tone of this and the lower pitch, I seem to only be able to "grok" one of them at a time. I'm in California; asking $5000, although I paid quite a bit more for it (I was smitten)! Thank you, Janet  

(Not sure if I can figure out how to post sound files, but I'd be glad to send some individually if that would be helpful to anyone)

("again" in the title is because I listed it a while ago, then played it a bunch and wasn't ready to let it go. This time I'm ready!)






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Hi Jody, I'm just not using it enough - wanted to have the lower range for harmonizing, and it's great for that, but so much of that repertoire (mine, anyhow) is in flat keys - so it's harder instead of natural. Also - I could use some of the $$ back... It's pretty great, I hope to find someone who will really enjoy it. J

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