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Future Concertina Maker?

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My eight-year-old decided yesterday that he wants to become a concertina maker! Here's a photo of his first morning's progress - note the tuning bellows to the left, the tuning machine and strategically placed hammer at the ready. Anyone need a quick repair job?





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A very good start - keep him at it!


When I was a boy, bus tickets were oblong, and made of thin card. My little friends and I would board buses at the terminus, gather as many discarded tickets as we could, and lay them crosswise, folding the ends of the lower one over the upper one, then repeating the process with as many tickets as we could find. The result was a little bellows that you could pull and squeeze.


As a father, and latterly as a grandfather, it occurred to me that you could make a very passable Bandoneon for Playmobil figures, if you just glued a square of plywood onto these bellows, with handstraps and a few sawn-off nails for the buttons...


But alas! bus tickets are no longer that shape or quality. :mellow:


Childhood is wonderful. Even for parents and grandparents!




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