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  1. There is something very peculiar about the position of the air button on your diagram. It is generally played with the RH thumb. Are you sure you have it the right way around? The highest notes should be under your RH pinkie and the lowest notes should be under your LH pinkie
  2. I play them because I find their distinctive sound delightful, especially the chords. With the exception of models made in South Africa, the rest are of somewhat inferior quality compared to more traditional construction techniques. That hasn't stopped me playing them, you just have to replace them ever so often. LOL Here is an example manufactured in East Germany https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIj4xcTtdXQ Here is an example manufactured in South Africa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smUvH3H1icw
  3. It depends on how attached you are to your instrument. Valuables in checked baggage is never a good idea, particularly due to the airlines' liability limitations. When packing my bag I ask myself if I could accept the contents being lost or damaged. Good quality vintage instruments that are almost impossible to replace with insurance money do not make it on the list for me. Expect severe rough handling and I have personally seen an accordion fall off a conveyor.
  4. I'm on the same page as Stuart, my first thought was about the shape of the box. Was it square or shaped like the instrument. I say shame on their music program if the band director does not know "whether the instrument belongs to an individual student or whether it might possibly belong to the school district, even though the instructor had never seen the box previously."
  5. Speak to Greg Jowaisas (who incidentally works with Wally Carroll), he made a very nice custom case for me.
  6. Here is the group picture that was taken on Saturday afternoon. Pity that we didn't take one on Friday as well to capture some of the other participants.
  7. Remember to mention Kurt's kazoo which, I thought, fused rather well with the sound of the concertinas.
  8. Hello, I travel to York quite frequently. I could bring my instruments along when I come again on Monday. Please message me in private with a phone number and we can set something up.
  9. I'm in the Detroit area so it is about 250 miles for me, not too far for something every now and then.
  10. I'm available, where abouts where you thinking? (and I can drive a bus)
  11. It was a delightful weekend filled with great music and great people. It seemed way too short to fully appreciate everything that was going on. I enjoyed talking and playing with other duet aficionados and in particular I was impressed with the skills and abilities of Jody Kruskal to teach us how to better utilize our beloved instruments.
  12. It seems legit to me. Try their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/usconcertina
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