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Sizes Of Different Anglo Concertinas

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Forgive me if this was already asked, but I haven't found this information on the forum. What are the standard sizes of different brand's anglos? From my (limited) knowledge Lachenals are usually 6 1/4'' AF, while Jeffries are a bit smaller (6'' if I'm not mistaken), is it correct? And what about others?



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...What are the standard sizes of different brand's anglos? ...


This response may be slightly off-topic, I'm not really sure, but what the hell...


There is a paper in the 2012 journal of the International Concertina Association

entitled 'Miniature and Semi-miniature Concertinas' by Randall Merris:




It may not answer your question fully, and it is (naturally) largely concerned with

miniature instruments, but it is a fascinating and well-illustrated read and has some

data about different sized 'tinas from different manufacturers.


FWIW, my own 5 1/2" ax-the-flats Bb/F Lachenal could be regarded as a large

'semi-miniature' or a small 'standard' size instrument using the criteria put forward in

this paper.



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