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John Connor 55 Key Triumph/crane Duet


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Crane/Triumph system instrument to be sold.

​I have tried to sell this concertina last year on this site, but with exchange rates and personal circumstances changing, I thought I would try again.

Here is as much as I know of the Concertina's history.

I purchased the instrument in 1993 from a gentleman in Reading.

It was then sent back to John Connor for a full check and touch tune.

Sadly, since then it has only had about 25hrs of playing time whilst in my possession. I cannot justify holding onto such a good instrument, it needs to go to someone who will play and enjoy it.

Having read some recent posts, I believe that John is no longer making Duet Concertinas, but concentrating on Anglos. So here is an opportunity for someone looking for a nearly new instrument. Yes, it is 28yrs old, but it has had very little use and may be as close as you can get to a new one. Prospective buyers are welcome to come and see the instrument for themselves.

Concertina Details:-

John Connor 55 Key Crane System Duet.

Serial Number 53, made in 1987.

Octagonal Shape 73/4" (203mm) Across Flats.

Raised Stainless Steel Ends.

Stainless Steel Keys.

8 Fold Black, grained leather finish, Bellows

Riveted action.

Steel Reeds in Brass Frames.

Weight of Concertina 5lb (2.4Kg).

Weight of Concertina with case 8.5lb (3.8Kg).

The only fault I can see, is a small dent in the outside of the case.

Price £2,300 GBP

I have tried to be as open and honest as possible in my description.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

More photos can be viewed if you search for my previous posting.







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TJ -I believe you are in Yorkshire- where's about ? I would love to have a tootle on that instrument, never played one by that maker. I am heading to Yorkshire to play the Bacca Pipes Folk Club in Keighley on Friday. Depending on where you are I might be able to pop in on the way up on Fri, or on my return on Saturday. My email is geoffreylakeman@btinternet.com Home tel; is 01822 852274 and my mobile is 07710 613932 . Have a look at my new website which is only just becoming active- www.geofflakeman.co.uk

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http://www.pghardy.net/concertina/kilve/kilve201110/here are a couple of pieces played by Paul McCann on the same model. John Connor made both of these and one other. Perhaps Paul will come in and comment on his? I'm sad to report John has recently retired after the sad loss of his dear wife, may she rest in peace, last year. He had the last of these, that he made towards the end of his making career, for sale last time I saw him, in the summer. I've heard Paul's many a time and can report a lovely bright full sound and a joy to hear. All the Best mory Edited by mory
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