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  1. My recollection of the Doncaster Band's concertinas comes from the Salvation Army week end event at Bognor Regis. Certainly at least one of their larger instruments had rather crudely made replacement ends. Quite a lot of years ago but I believe you were there yourself John. Shalom TJ
  2. Looked at these yesterday and wondered if they are from the Doncaster Citadel Salvation Army Band. Might be worth an enquire. Shalom TJ
  3. Hello RP3, Thanks for your kind help. I have been to the website and the Clover Anglo is available as a finished instrument. I am not sure they still sell it as a build it yourself kit. I have emailed them and we will see what they reply. Thanks again Ross. Shalom TJ
  4. Having been disappointed when discovering that the Clover Anglo kit was no longer available. This looks like it could be a great project, for the not too distant future, hopefully🙂. I am watching this thread with anticipation. Shalom TJ
  5. Just a suggestion, perhaps denture cleaning tablets might work if you leave the buttons to soak.
  6. Hello, Not PA but SA it is an ex Salvation Army instrument. Shalom TJ
  7. Having been involved in the world of Concertinas and Crown Green Bowls maybe a comment from me may be of interest. Lignum woods are still fairly common, although they do not always conform to the correct modern specifications for the game. When used in the game of bowls are subject to collisions, some of which can be quite violent. As a consequence most clubs have several sets of woods that are well past their best for bowling, being chipped of suffering from cracking/surface crazing. They are really only fit for scrap, so making buttons for concertinas would be a second li
  8. At last, I have sold this concertina?, thanks to all who made helpful and encouraging comments. Shalom TJ
  9. I have been involved with concertinas for more years than I care to admit to and had many instruments through my hands, so I must admit to being a little puzzled as to the minimal reaction to my attempts to sell this instrument. I have been out of mainstream concertina playing for quite a few years and so lost touch with values and market forces. I did recently chat with a concertina friend from way back who thought it might be a good idea to mention that this particular instrument is of very good quality and tone. It measures up well against my wife's 57 Key Crabb Crane Duet, which was made f
  10. 55key Crane/Triumph Duet System Concertina, made by John Connor 172869470796
  11. Not sold as yet, but it is on ebay.
  12. Now on ebay, at a higher price to cover their fees.
  13. Trying to sell this instrument, yet again! ​ Seems like an annual event, but there must be someone out there who would like it. ​I have reduced the price, but this is the lowest I can go. ​Here is as much as I know of the Concertina's history. I purchased the instrument in 1993 from a gentleman in Reading. It was then sent back to John Connor for a full check and touch tune. Sadly, since then it has only had about 25hrs of playing time whilst in my possession. I cannot justify holding onto such a good instrument, it needs to go to someone who will play and enjoy it. H
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