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Stephen Selby

J. Thomas, Concertina Soloist

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I have acquired a Lachenal McCann Duet concertina from the 1890s. The oval paper insert with the maker's name has been replaced by an oval brass badge, engraved with: "J. Thomas. Concertina Soloist. March 4 1896."


Has anybody heard of him?

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I have the following information:

No. 729 46-key Maccann Duet; metal fretwork; metal buttons; 6-fold bellows; J. Thomas, concertina soloist, March 4, 1896.

Given the serial number (729), I estimate that it was manufactured in about 1890, and the personal badge was added later.

Of course, Mr. Thomas may well have had more that one Lachenal Maccann duet. Is yours the No. 729?

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