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Just in case any of you should be irritated (which I don't think will happen, but FWIW): I changed my visible name to my "standard Nick" RAc just because I tend to become more worried about seeing my full name floating around the internet. Hate to tell you that this won't likely affect my presence in this forum... anyways, this is an opportunity for me to thank the community and in particular its administrators as well as its "heavy weight boxers" for making this place in Cyberland as pleasant and inviting as it is. Let's keep up the good concertina spirit (and, if really need be, the goofy concertina faces while we play)! ;-)


Thanks, Ruediger

Edited by RAc
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I didn't realize that function existed but I see it is available in settings.


If one makes a change to their display name, does it only affect future posts or does it change the name displayed in all prior posts too?

The latter is true: You can search my posts via my profile and find that all of my posts, including those generated before the day I did the name change, now read "RAc."

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