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Article: Contra Dancing In Brooklyn

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My essay titled “An Inside View of Contra Dancing in Brooklyn, 2015” is the cover article in the latest edition of VOICES: The Journal of New York Folklore, available now in print, published by The New York Folklore Society.

NYFS has also published an excerpt on their web site


full of colorful photos and links.

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Great excerpt Jody. Yay Brooklyn!

Yes, Brooklyn has been good for traditional music and dance in my active traditions. There are now three regular old-time jams, several Irish sessions, a monthly singing get together, contra dances every two weeks, the Half Moon annual sword dance festival next week, the giant Golden Festival last month and lots more in the larger metropolitan area for dancers, singers and musicians of every stripe to do. Many ethnicities live here and have their events too and if you are interested in the folk arts, New York is a rich place to live. This has always been true but it looks to me like things are growing at a great rate. Is this happening in other locations? I would not be surprised to learn that it is so. There seems to be a new revival in the air.

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