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What Is Liam Playing?

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1 hour ago, seanc said:



7 Years later!!

18 things you didn't know about Burt Ward, as told by Burt Ward himself

I was double-checking my recollection that Liam Clancy played English, not Anglo, and Google pointed me to this thread.  While here, I happened to notice Jim Lucas' post, so I replied.  I wasn't paying attention to the timestamp.



Mark Rosenthal

Zombie resurrector extraordinaire

Who ya gonna call?

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On 2/1/2023 at 8:09 PM, Mark Rosenthal said:

My treble Aeola has a seven-fold bellows, and my tenor-treble Aeola has a six-fold bellows.

Interesting.  I have the following Englishes...

5-fold trebles:  48-button pinhole Æola; 48-button Rock Chidley

6-fold trebles:  50-button Aeola; 48-button Edeophone; 48-button Wheatstone Model 22

6-fold tenor-treble:  48 button, 6-sided (Wheatstone, Dickinson?)

7-fold tenor-treble:  64-button Aeola

8-fold bass:  56-button Aeola


Conclude what you will.

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