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Lachenal Label...

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Is any reader of this forum aware of the existence of a 'facsimile' of the

elliptical 'Gold-on-Black' Lachenal label which appears on the inside of

the lid of the boxes for these instruments?


I found an image which might do, but I know some folks have generated

high(ish) resolution images of some of these labels so I just sorta



I've just acquired a box which I'd like to 'renovate' a little if possible, and

the existing label is a little 'distressed' - I'd like, if possible to replace it,

even though this won't strictly be 'authentic'.





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Hi Roger,


Did you ever get a reply to this topic? I too wish to do the same to a couple of old boxes and wondered if you had any success and where you got them from.



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