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Playing In Cold Weather

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Hi All I play my Anglo in a group called The Gollowan Band and for Pensans Morris.We play all year round so at times your hands get very cold. I enclose pictures showing hand supports that were given to me by the NHS for an arthritis problem I had with my hands.As well as support they give warmth to wrist and back of your hand but do not affect the sound being emitted from your concertina.

You can buy them from Techneopro at £20 a pair.they are made of 3mm neoprne (diving suit material)





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I play with my Morris Dancers on street corners in upstate New York in late November and December. I bought a pair of glove liners at Eastern Mountain Sport and find I can not only play the concertina in them, but also the pipe & tabor. They are full five-fingered gloves of a thin knitted black material and keep me plenty warm.

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