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Dipper 30 Key Baritone Anglo D/a

Mark Davies

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I am now in the process of acquiring a Wheatstone C/G Baritone Anglo so the above instrument is surplus to my needs.This instrument is,I believe unique.It has steel ends based on the wild flower "The Pride of Sussex"and that name is cut in the fretwork on each end,nine fold bellows with papers,the steel ends are inset in dark rosewood and in comes in a handmade leather case made by J & S Holman.The instrument and case are in fine condition.Please email me for additional photographs if you have a serious interest in buying this instrument.I have recently been put off advertising instruments on concertina.net by time wasters who clearly had no interest in purchasing the instrument I was offering for sale.Do not contact me if you not have the "bunce".If no one is interested it can stay in the cupboard.


I will try to attach one photograph


The fingering is as follows:-

Left Hand

F#/G B/C D#/F B/A A#/C

D/A A/C# D/E F#/G A/B

C#/B E/G# A/B C#/D E/F#


Right Hand

Air Button

D#/F B/A A#/C D#/F C#/G

D/C# F#/E A/G D/B F#/C#

A/G# C#/B E/B A/F# B/G#


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I hope this isn' t too stupid a question, but I have a Dipper C/G baritone which is an octave below the normal C/G - so can you confirm that your D/A baritone, therefore, is also an octave below the normal D tone of a G/D anglo? Some folks call the G/D a 'baritone' in my experience. Cheers and apologies if this is just daft of me!

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