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Bradfield Traditional Music Weekend

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Despite the appalling wet weather in the UK the Bradfield Traditional Music Weekend promises to be the best gathering of traditional musicians and singers of the year.The weather forecast for the weekend is good.The weekend will feature the following well known musicians:

Alan Day-Anglo

Dave Prebble-Anglo

Harry Litherland-Mc Duet Duet

Jason Rice-Accordion

Mark Bazeley-Melodeon,Anglo Concertina

Rob Murch-Banjo

Dan Quinn-Melodeon

Steve Harrison-Melodeon

Vic Gammon-Mc Cann Duet

Pete Coe-Melodeon,Banjo

Dave Hunt-Melodeon


Everyone is welcome to attend the sessions in the three village pubs and when they close Edgemount Farm barn where there will be a real ale bar.


For further details contact :-

Mark Davies

Home:0114 2851479



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Well I've just got back and unpacked after a hugely enjoyable and totally exhausting weekend at Bradfield. Despite early heavy rain the remaining weather was pretty favourable and the event turned out to be a great success. It was also very nice to put faces to names of some Concertina.net members.


Mark Davies clearly put a great deal of time and energy into organising the event and I would like to give him a big vote of thanks for all of his efforts and hope it hasn't put him off repeating the BTMW next year.



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I agree with Peter a very enjoyable event and although I was only there for the day, enjoyed the atmosphere, good company,singing, the playing and the wonderfull venue on one of the peaks in the Peak District.

I was about to say how well organised it was by Mark and certainly everything was provided to perfection,but the events just seem to happen,which is why this weekend works.Thanks for a great day.


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Hi All,


I should like to echo the vote of thanks proposed above and extend this to Mark's long suffering better half, Joan.


In addition to the joy of meeting a lot of old friends, the sessions and events were all a great success and provided for me one astounding revelation....... A Banjo can actually be used (just how, I know not) as a musical instrument !!

For that, my thanks to Rob Murch..What a superb player!


Thanks to all who attended and made the event such a success and thanks again Mark & Joan


I look forward in eager anticipation to more next year



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