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Harvel Concertina - South Africa


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The Harvel was manufactured in South Africa.

Serial number 396 and 10 Book

More information on the manufacturer and specifically

the Harvel concertina will be appreciated.


Value ?? and offers ?? What a jewel of a concertina !!


Will attach photo's this weekend.




082 550 7462

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Hi Bernie


I would like to help you with all the info you need. I am in South Africa and very much familiar with all the Anglo Concertinas made here. I believe that the name should read “Hanvil”, named after the manufacturer, Hannes Viljoen who passed away some time ago.


Flip Delport


P.S. Attachment shows a few of the late Hannes Viljoen's own creations.


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The concertina in question is a Wheatstone that was restored by Hannes Viljoen and belonged to Nico van Rensburg. When Nico bought the instrument, the two identification plates were missing. Nico instructed Hannes to attach his own "Havil" plates merely for decorative purpose. Confirmed by Nico van Rensburg on 19 October 2004.

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