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  1. Hi Flip-- I'm not sure exactly because it is a fairly late concertina (50s?). I don't know for how long there was a "Linota" designation. I think the fact that it has 40 buttons establishes its quality as being better than the run of the mill 30 button jobs. Good luck,


  2. It has been two years now since I started gathering information about South African Anglo players and their instruments. I maintain a data base of all the Wheatstone Anglos and their owners. At the moment I have 197 players on my list and I believe there are many more. There are more than 400 concertinas on my list. Flip Delport
  3. Please ignore my comment that the anatomy is clearly English. It was just a thought that slipped out late at night. I do apologize. My information came from the owner during a telephone conversation. What I have to go on is the same as what you see on the photographs. I might have a chance this coming weekend to take photos of the inside. Of the three Wizard Anglos I found, not one is in good playing order. It is a cheap product and not at all popular amongst our Anglo players. I have listed over 300 Anglos and only 3 were Wizards, a few South African made Wheatstone clones and 95% genuine Wheatstones. The most popular models in South Africa are the 40 key Anglos (6 A and 7 A). Italian models are not at all popular here. I do agree, it looks very much like a Bastardi . Stephen – the only MayFair that I have ever seen was the prototype in the Horniman Museum. We are not familiar with them in South Africa so I can not really compare.
  4. I received the attached photographs totday.
  5. Most of the Anglos that I have listed in South Africa (260 of them) have aluminium reed frames. Some of the older ones have brass frames. I prefer the sound of the ones with the brass frames. If brass is better than aluminium, why did Wheatstone change from brass to aluminium?
  6. Thank you very much Stephen. I conclude that you suggest that I stick to the Minting’s list when dating all Anglos between 50001 and 55491 and treat 53120 as an exception. I was under the impression that Mr. Minty’s list is only a rough guide, probably scribbled down from memory, but I do except your explanation and will still use Mr. Minty’s list as a guide.
  7. I found another one today - Will get a photo within a week.
  8. Please let me refer you to a document written by Mr. Gaskins on 23 June 2001 at http://www.concertina.info/tina.faq/conc-ap1a.htm An extract from that document states: “On the train back from Stowmarket to London, I quickly noted down the APPROXIMATE years of various serial-ranges. (The dates are actually intermixed at year-breaks, as throughout all the ledgers, so it is NOT possible from this table to positively assign an instrument to a definite year--and my assignment of breaks is not necessarily any better than that of the manuscript note.) I added at the top the dates from the manuscript note, to give myself a complete list, though very rough: 1937-39: 50001-51134 [use manuscript note for 1937-1952] 1940-41: 51135-51432 1946-47: 51433-52216 1948-50: 52217-53688 [53689 - 53699 missing?] 1951: 53700-54449 1952: 54450-55338 1953: 55339-56448 [55339-56390 note; 55492-56448 ledger]” I have dated concertinas on my list according to these APPROXIMATE dates. It seems not to be as accurate as I’ve hoped for. I believe that this discovery will bring all of us closer to more accurate dating. The concertina in question was inherited by Dr. Louis Adendorff, a well respected citizen, from his late father. Dr. Adendorff assured me that his father told him that he bought the concertina one year before Dr. Adendorff’s birth, being in 1948. I do not have any reason to doubt these facts. In short: Concertina nr 53120 was in the possession of the Adendorff family in South Africa in 1947 and never left South Africa. Numbers were changed when instruments were returned for repairs. It did not happen in this case. I am not convinced that the changing of numbers as applied in the 1890’s, can be offered as a solution in this instance. The receipt offered as evidence of accuracy of Mr. Minting's list dates back to 1941. It proves that concertina 51406 was sold on 26th September 1941. It does not prove the accuracy of Mr. Minting’s list. It would have been helpful to have something similar for 1947.
  9. Without the inscription of the date, I would rely on Mr. Gaskins's approximate date - that would be 1949. I will try my best to get a photograph.
  10. Until now, I’ve used Robert Gaskins’s approximate dates as shown in the following table to date Anglos that I list in South Africa. 50001 - 51134 1937-1939 51135 - 51432 1940-1941 51433 - 52216 1946-1947 52217 - 53688 1948-1950 53700 - 54449 1951 54450 - 55491 1952 I have recently discovered no 53120, a 30 key black Anglo with Nickel Plated ends and metal capped buttons (4 A) with a very clear inscription on the inside - “19/04/1947”. If that inscription indicates the manufacturing date, I have to conclude that all the numbers before 53120 should be dated back to 1947 or before that.
  11. In my search for Anglo concertinas in South Africa, I found two 30 key instruments called "Anglo Wizard". Can anybody assist me in getting more information. I would like to know who made them and when they were made. The anatomy is clearly English. Flip Delport
  12. I might be able to identify the concertina if you include a clear photograph of the instrument. Flip Delport
  13. Thank you very much Allan for your recognition. I sincerely hope that Regardt’s contribution will inspire other teenagers to take up the challenge and become masters of playing the Anglo. I congratulate you for your part in this project. Flip Delport
  14. I did a comprehensive study on concertina history with special reference to English constructed instruments. It forms part of a book that I am working on that will be published in the Afrikaans language. I would like to know if there is a short biography of Steve Dickinson available before I approach him personally. Can anybody help? Flip Delport
  15. Hello Smitbaas, Forget about shortcuts if you want to learn to play the Anglo. There are many players in South Africa who would be more than willing to help. If you need references, you can reach me through “Die Boeremusiekgilde”. No virtual- or midi gadget can ever give you the real feel for the instrument. Be prepared to practice a lot. I took the Anglo up less than two years ago and also looked for easy ways. I can assure you there are no shortcuts. Go for it, Flip Delport
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