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St Bernard's walts

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Ok so at the moment a have a lot of time on my hands. Ive been learning amusing little tunes with lots of goofy little sharps and flats, tunes like the theme tune to red dwarf and monty python (liberty bell march) The concertina is an anglo in C and G


Im now trying to learn st bernards waltz - I have found a couple of versions - one in D and one in F. I would like to get one in c or g with chords. I dont really know that much about transposing the score I found in F and the one in D was from the session website and was not quite how I remember it going when I have danced to it in the past.


Could anyone point me in the right direction to find a suitable score?



jake x

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You could try something like 'museScore' or 'Finale' - both free I think. If you copy the tune exactly as it is written in your current key, both programs have transposing functions.


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Hi Jake


There should be 3 sources in abc format on this page:



There is an abc transposer that works pretty good in some keys here:



Then for the sheet music, copy/paste the new tune in the ABC Convert-A-Matic here:





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