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Am I a Professional Now?

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The only time I've done anything resembling proper busking was last summer in Toronto when I was playing music on the docks, mostly for the enjoyment of a handful of shipmates. One lady came by, listened and talked to us for a bit, and then, despite my protest, put a $5 bill in. I thought it was far too much, which is why I'll never be a good busker. The only other thing I brought it was a coin (it was some sort of euro, I can't remember what the denomination was) that someone threw from across the (wide) sidewalk, then cheered when he hit the case. I was somewhat less amused.


This past weekend I was hired to play music (fiddle only, alas) outside of an art gallery for an event, which was fun. One guy tried to give me money for it, which I turned down because I was getting paid already. (Exhibit B on why Fern is not good at this whole making money thing.)


As for your question though, definitely professional. :P

Hi Fern


If it were me, and not specifically mentioned or disallowed in the contract, I would accept it as a TIP. Think in the area of waiters/waitresses getting paid to take an order and serve, the gratuity is a little something extra.


The only thing I could come close is my son handing me a dollar to stop the noise. I think it was in retaliation of me giving him a dollar when he took up a guitar. So I accepted it with the caveat, that the silence would last for about 15 minutes. If he wanted longer, he needed to pay more. So, does that make me a professional too? I didn't have the heart to tell him I needed a break to make coffee anyhow. :P




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