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English bass concertinas

wim wakker

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We’re just about to start on our english bass concertina project. We have the minimum number of participants to start a series of basses, but we could add 1, maybe 2 instruments to this batch.


Closing date for new orders: April 1, delivery: between August and November 2011.


At this moment no one builds bass concertinas with ‘real’ concertina reeds, and good quality vintage examples are becoming very rare. Building multiple basses in one batch allows us to offer them at a considerable discount. After this project we will add them to our english models, but with the standard waiting time and at a higher price. If you’re interested, see www.wakker-concertinas.com/projects.htm for details.


Wim Wakker

Concertina Connection Inc.

Wakker Concertinas


P.S. This project does not affect the waiting time for customers on our waiting list.

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Hi Wim,


Just curious where things stand right now as regards the availability of english bass concertinas? I'm an accordionist who's come to really love the sound of a deep, bassy concertina and I'm poking around to see what's out there.




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You might want to write Wim directly through his web site - as you can see this is a very old thread and he doesn't check in (or at least post) here very often.



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