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Newly made English's ?

Geoff Wooff

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Wim's instruments are fantastic. I just received a beautiful baritone English concertina from him. I requested and got a beautiful mellow sound. I had to open it to adjust a rattling reed (humidity change) and spent a fun time admiring the construction. I think you should try them if you get a chance.





As you have just recieved your Wim Wakker, can I ask how long you had to wait for it ?



Going through my email: my order went to Wim on Feb '08. Of course, his waiting time might have changed since then.



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Jürgen Suttner makes some, but very few English Concertinas. I have tried some when he delivered them to the buyers and they were great, even though they were not played in.


For all Suttner Concertinas must be taken into account that Jürgen improved the design and the quality a lot since he started making them full time and a Suttner from 1990 is not what you get today. I have a Suttner from 1987 which is quite good and very reliable, but not outstanding.


If you are looking for a concertina for folk music (like a metal ended Wheatstone) a Suttner would be a good choice.



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