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Looking for a good, marchy jig

Jim Besser

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And of course, Lemonville (is it Canadian?) and The Quarryman (is it Scottish?)


If you aren't frightened by minor keys, Teddy Bears Picnic


If you want the punters to sing along -


Hello, Hello, Whos your lady friend

Lets all go down the Strand

Fall in and follow me

Man who stole the bank at Monte Carlo

I do like to be beside the seaside

Ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts (I had to inhibit Bracken Rigg musicians' enthusiasm for shouting out BIG ONES!!)


Lemonville and Quarryman are both very nice; have them on iTunes and never noticed them before! May try them with the new dance.


Thanks for all the suggestions!.




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Keeping a Northumbrianish theme, Roman Wall and A. M. Shinnie (Fitchet, not English) will also tag along well.


Thanks. I already use Roman Wall for another dance, don't know AM Shinnie, will look for it!

ROman Wall is a great tune.






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I'm looking for a good, marchy - not bouncy - English jig for a dance set.

The tune currently used is Atholl Highlanders, which I don't like much. Any suggestions?

Doesn't have to be a 4 part tune like Atholl, a normal aa/bb structure will work.


Does Scottish qualify (thin political ice to walk on here...) if yes, how about Skinner's "Tipperty's Jean"?

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