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Edeophone ends and a few questions.

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Finished post-8427-12697028160005_thumb.jpg


Thank you to all those who helped, ideas, information and support.

Also a big thank you to Dave Leese from Concertina Spares, he has been very good to me.



I think it sounds great, but I am only a novice, I will have to wait until I can get an experianced player to evaluate it, but it is spot on, in tune, as checked with an electronic tuner.


Now I will clean up all the mess I have made, and start to put in a few hours of practice with this wonderfull concertina




Just to report that I had a chance to try Roger's edeophone at a WCCP meeting yesterday. I can confirm that he's made a really excellent job of it, particularly when you consider he's never done this sort of work before. It looks good and plays really well. The tone is slightly more muted, less penetrating, than my wooden ended edeophone, but very pleasing on the ear. It has a good dynamic range with plenty of volume when you want it. It's responsive and quite quick. If I didn't already have one of my own I'd have made him an offer!


And Roger is doing really well with his playing!

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Thank you John for your kind remarks, also thank you for taking the time to talk to me at the WCCP meeting,

much appreciated.

I thought the meeting was excelent, must have been 20 / 30 concertinas, anglo, english, duet, baritone and bass,

with players of all levels and everyone friendly and welcoming. So many and so loud, wonderful sound.

I will be going to the next meeting.



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