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  1. Hi Dave, in Looe about 5miles from Polperro theres a music festival on this week end www.looemusic.co.uk/ During the week in the Jolly Sailor ( West Looe ), on Tuesday evening folk and tradional music, all welcome and on thursday evening shanty singing. I believe, not sure, that there is music in the Fishermans Arms in East Looe, thursday evening. Also there is a folk club in Bodmin, not too far away, you could google it for info. Hope this helps. Roger
  2. Looking at the picture, reminded me of a phrase, I have had to use, and no doubt other people have used this phrase a few times, " Don't Touch my Concertina " Roger
  3. Thank you John for your kind remarks, also thank you for taking the time to talk to me at the WCCP meeting, much appreciated. I thought the meeting was excelent, must have been 20 / 30 concertinas, anglo, english, duet, baritone and bass, with players of all levels and everyone friendly and welcoming. So many and so loud, wonderful sound. I will be going to the next meeting. Roger.
  4. Hi, anlej, the tune was Beannan Mor, by Joe Morrison, its on You Tube. I think its a good tune for a beginner, no sharps or flats, single notes, fairly slow, covers, from G below middle C, to C above middle C It has what I think, are definate phrases of music, so when you lose it, you just start from the next phrase, and hopefully the audiance don't notice, well I,ve messed it up and still had compliments. The main thing is that its a lovely tune, and Basil, my concertina just loves playing it, and sometimes he gets it right, all the way through. Roger PS I am trying to learn other tunes
  5. Am I a musician I only know one tune well enough to play in the pub. Sunday afternoon I played this tune. Later on someone came up to me and said would you like a drink, I said, pardon, he said all the musicians get a free drink. So I guess I must be a musician. and I'm off for my free drink next time !! Roger
  6. Thanks for the info, I live in the SW of the uk, when we get SW winds, it picks up the atlantic and drops it on where I live in Cornwall, so I think I should do something to protect the reeds. Roger
  7. I live and work on the coast, is there anything I can do to stop the reeds getting corroded, without effecting the tone. Roger
  8. Rod, sorry about that. I think I must be getting a little touchy. Roger
  9. Rod, I think you are right it would be good to invent your own music, especialy music like Chris has done. By your dig at me, I must assume you learn't to play your concertina by inventing your own music !!!! or did you learn by playing someone else's music.??? I assumed Chris would not mind other people playing ( in my case trying to play ) his music as he has posted up the score on this site. If this is incorrect I would not like to offend Chris or any other person with playing their music, and would not do so. Roger
  10. Well Chris, another really nice piece of music. When I get past The Vicar of Bray, in the Butler book I'll give it a go. Roger
  11. Leonard, John Wild, Dirge and Chris, thanks for those kind words. Chris that is a really nice peice of music, if I can get anywhere near that standard of playing, I will be happy. Roger
  12. Finished Thank you to all those who helped, ideas, information and support. Also a big thank you to Dave Leese from Concertina Spares, he has been very good to me. After putting it together, I had a few problems, some reeds not sounding, some on the push ,some on the pull, pads not sealing, leverarm bushes too tight, it got me down, as I thought I had done everything correctly. So I left it and had a few beers, the next day went ok and with info from this site I managed to sort it all. I think it looks good, the pictures do not do it justice, I must get a decent camera. I think it sounds great, but I am only a novice, I will have to wait until I can get an experianced player to evaluate it, but it is spot on, in tune, as checked with an electronic tuner. Now I will clean up all the mess I have made, and start to put in a few hours of practice with this wonderfull concertina Roger
  13. The ends are done, not exactly like the pattern I copied, because, I greyed the picture, then highlighted the cutouts with biro, then cut out along the lines, which made the cutouts a little bigger. Then the cutouts were sanded and with making a few mistakes, it came out a little different, but considering this was my first attempt ( AND THE LAST ) I am quite pleased with it. The holes are .5mm larger than the originals, because the felt I have for the bushings is a little thicker than the original. I cut a few test holes and tapered them, then stuck the felt down and ironed them, to find the smallest hole which would allow the buttons to drop through. I am pleased that I have used carbon fiber for the ends, making these ends has made me realise how weak and vunerable the original ends are. I have taken the shine off the ends to try to make them look older. I hope to finish and be playing in a week or two, I'll stick up a picture when completed. Roger
  14. Thanks for that, Chris, works a lot better with the pictures greyed. Dana thanks for the idea, but I had already stuck down the picture before I had read your post. I have cut out some of the fret work and it seems to be going ok, the carbon fiber cuts ok and the picture does not rip, but I think it will take a while to do the lot. Then I will have to spend some time with finger files to clean it up. Roger
  15. Well, I have had a few problems with the ends. I made two jigs to drill the button holes, ( both ends have a different layout ), the right hand end went ok, drilled the holes and everything fitted ok. The left hand end jig, wasn't quite right, was pretty close so I drilled the holes. When I offered the end plate to the action plate, the button holes were ok but, the sides were 2mm short, on four of the twelve sides. I should have paid more attention to what Chis Ghent said about the ends being different. The left hand end is 2mm larger than the right end and I had made the plug from the right end. Only 2mm smaller but that did make a difference. I had to have the gel coat ground off the four sides, build them up with more fiber, then flo coated with more gel coat. That was that problem sorted. ( thanks Mike, my friendly laminater ) The next problem was when I drilled the body bolt holes, because I had put a slight angle on the sides of the ends, to allow for a release angle on the moulds, the holes came out too close to the edge. So here we go again, ground off six sides on each end, built up the sides and flo coated them with more gel coat. ( thanks Mike, my friendly laminater ) The ends fit ok and are now ready for the fret work pattern. I have been looking into cnc laser cutting and waterjet cutting, all do-able but too expensive, so I think I will have to do it by hand. What pattern, I think Theo has a point about small openings muting the sound, is this why they say metal ended concertinas are louder as they can have larger openings. Whatever pattern I choose will not be easy, I think they will all be time consuming, so at the moment I hope to find a good picture of both left and right ends, print them to the right size, then stick double sided tape on the ends and stick the pictures down, then coat them with epoxy glue. Epoxy glue is transparent, and I'm hoping the epoxy glue will stop the picture tearing, when I drill and cut the pattern. Any help in finding good end pictures would be appreciated and any other ways of cutting the patterns. cheers Roger
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