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Harmonious Blacksmith...Handel

Robin Harrison

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I seem to recall this has been been played as a folk tune but when I listen to it here.........

...................no bells go off in my mind except maybe a snatch of Sun Assembly ?

Anyone know ?




I've no recollection of it being played as a folk tune but I do know that the popular session tune, 'Sun assembly', is supposedly derived from Handel's Harmonious Blacksmith and I can see why when I listen to the two pieces and compare them; Sun Assembly being played in the key of G rather than E, of course.



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A nice piece in E major I think.Wikipedia gives some interesting info Including a possible original source




A pedal B is supposed to be the hammer ringing



The video clip at the end of the Wikipedia piece is a very nice piano version with the variations



The well known reel the Merry Blacksmith in D doesn't seem related

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Frank Butler has written an arrangement of this piece. It is in his Concertina Mini Tunes booklet.




It's got me foxed in E, I play a 30 button C/G Anglo so i'm working on key of F which has a nice tone and there seem to be some nice chords . I am grappling with ending up too far extended on the bellows. But I do love F it's so mellow and with nly the Bb accidental it's good to get off the home keys



What do people do for a Push F chord A and C don't sound to good together without the F.. What is it with 3rd and 5th together?



In C the chords are quite easy but I keeo going into Strawberry Fair (Singing Buttercups and Daisies!) and it's really another of the ubiquitous Shepherd's Hey variants!




Anyway a nice tune to be snowed in to.





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