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9 Oct 09


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Blue Skies :D


Limey Pete :D


Aunt Ada's Waltz :D


Gentianne Mazurka :D


They Can't Take That Away From Me :D



My MiDIfied concertina



Annäherungen an eine Bluestonleiter




german concertina



In Alaska 19



Thanks :)


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Links to Blue Skies again.

Should be: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIgXjKRz0vs&fmt=18 (Not sure about fmt=18, though)


Thanks Leo. :) :)

Hi Leonard


OOPS! Sorry about that! Yes it did. Thanks for the catch and correcting the url for me.


You tube has a few tricks that can be used in viewing. Add one of these to the end of the very short address to get the results next to the &fmt number:


YouTube URL hacks


&fmt=6 FLV 480x270 Mono

&fmt=18 MP4 480x270Stereo

&fmt=22 MP4 1280x720 Stereo

&fmt=35 FLV 640x360 Mono


Since I don't know the capabilities of everyone's computer, I elected to force the playback in small size video with enhanced audio (we all listen to the music). That way the video plays and streams pretty good for everyone and plays the best available audio. It's a good compromise. If I used the 22 or 35 option, which may not be available depending on how it was uploaded, the viewer might have to hit play, then pause for a few minutes to allow as much as 25 megabytes to buffer to the end, and then play without stopping on a slower connection. The HQ letters should be red saying it's in High Quality. If you are uploading videos to YouTube, you can go to the configuration profile and enable HQ playback on all your videos automatically. Try it and change the 18 to another number in the address bar of your browser to see the results.


Another neat trick is to rewrite the address this way:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIgXjKRz0vs is the original link


Find these letters "watch?v=" and replace all that with "v/" without the quotes and see the results. The new address looks like this:



It's kind of neat that way, but a surprise if you're not ready for it. The backspace key will take you back to the previous page or use the browser back button.



Leo B)

Edited by Leo
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