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  1. Sebastian

    Music Genres-Concertina Type?

    I tend to think that the instrument you play is the instrument best suited to play whatever genre you want to play. I play a german 20 button concertina, and I play (always with harmonies) french chansons like "Non, je ne regrette rien", Seekers-songs from the 60's, medieval sequentiae & conductus, movie soundtracks (e. g. Pirates of the Caribbean) or techno hits from the 90's like "Barbie Girl" form Aqua &c. Let not the instrument decide what you play, but let the instrument play what you decide to play.
  2. Sebastian

    German Speaking Detailed Web Page

    Daniel, yes, I thought about the 20-button concertina. (Incidentally, I came back from Carlsfeld today. ) What kind of concertina do you play?
  3. Sebastian

    German Speaking Detailed Web Page

    Hi, John! Could you go a bit more into detail on this subject? What is the 'typical German playing style'? I mean, the concertina is not a widespread instrument in Germany and there is no specific german concertina playing tradition. But I guess your remark was a bit more about general playing style. I'd like to hear your thoughts about the matter, because you have both the perspective from the outside and the insight from the inside.
  4. Sebastian

    Anyone Playing German Folk Tunes On A C/g Anglo?

    I do. But not on an Anglo, but on a 20 button concertina.
  5. Please pardon my cumbersome English, but what charming and gifted persons you two are! Thank you for stopping by in Berlin.
  6. Ay! I haven't been on concertina.net for a year or so. And now I see that Adrian is playing right this evening in my very own town. What a nice surprise! Last time I heard him in 2010. (Where is this st$#* Kammermusiksaal Friedenau? ) Edit: Oh, I see. Quite posh, actually.
  7. Sebastian

    Scandinavian Squeeze-In 2016

    I would like to travel to Scania. But I don't think there will be much interest on 20-button concertinas. Hence I'm afraid I would be rather out of place there.
  8. Sebastian

    Bandoneon / Bandonica In Victorian Luton

    On bandonion info there is a nice gallery with pictures and information about german concertinas and banodnions from ca. 1830 onwards.
  9. Sebastian

    Bandoneon / Bandonica In Victorian Luton

    It's not clear (from this photography) if it is a bandonion or not.
  10. Sebastian

    Puppchen, Du Bist Mein Augenstern

    One thing I don't understand about the 30 button layout is that the lowest button of the G-row doesn't play the fundamental of the G chord on the push nor the fundamental of the D chord on the pull. It kind of works, because it still plays a note from the chord, but not the fundamental. When I play this song, the melody stays on the right-hand side. To play the melody on a 20 button concertina I had to modify the melody quite heavily. For example, I had to transpose the B section up a fifth. (Therefore I provided a link to the original version, too.) I came up with this version: (Everything after the sign is to be played one octave higher, but I don't know how to notate 8va in ABC.)
  11. I tried to send a message to Bill N., member of this forum, but recieved the information that he "cannot recieve any new message." What can I do to contact him now?
  12. Hello, I don't know many other concertina players, and those I do know play different kinds of music on the concertina than I do. So I can't realy compare my playing. Therefore I decided to make a recording, put it onto Youtube and invite you to comment on it. Maybe you could refer me to players who play in a similar style? https://youtu.be/Mylmiqjrknw ( is an original recording from 1913.)
  13. Sebastian

    All I Want For Christmas Is A Concertina

    Martin Döring is a german concertina player. He is the owner of the german concertina forum. It is located at http://konzertina.org. Alas, since two or three months he has problems with his hoster, so the adress currently doesn't work. But, if you want, I could point him to this thread.
  14. Sebastian

    Tune Of The Month, June 2015: Vedder Michel

    Not to my surprise, with this cheerful video supporting it... Yes. We never did a german tune as TOTM on Melnet. Therefore I looked for a catchy tune together with a charming clip. (I had to search for quite a long time.) I suggested Vetter Michel for TOTM of May, but than it lost against Harlequin Air (which is in fact a real lovely tune). But in June it got elected. It is a well-known tune originally from Mecklenburg in northern Germany and dates form the late 18. century. Here is a video where my Concertina tutor Rainer Schwarz plays the melodeon:
  15. Sebastian

    Tunes From The "dahlhoff" Collection

    I downloaded the Dahlhoff collection some time ago. I wonder: Is there anywhere a central point of information about the collection? Something like www.dahlhoff.net where abc transcriptions of the tunes are offered and biographical and paleographic information is collected? Until now I know only about dispersed bits here and there.