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Found 5 results

  1. We may not need another version of 'Nightingale' but here's mine anyway. This is a Dickinson Anglo S/N 60010 with the 'Dickinson Brothers Great Linford' metal label. When Steve applied for the use of Wheatstone from Boosey & Hawkes they asked to see a sample of Steves work and this was the instrument he sent. Needless to say it 'passed'. Its now in Bb/F. Its well travelled having circumnavigated the globe on many occasions when I was a ships R/O (QE2) this photo of the best dressed box player showing that a concertina will attract the attention of elegant ladies! (Nurse on hand too.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpvgZM-XtZc https://www.dropbox.com/s/blwfx12ylbk9yse/wardyconcertina.jpg?dl=0
  2. jft

    Jeffries Brothers

    Jeffries Brothers 38 key Concertina in Bb/F for sale. Very good condition. I have owned this concertina since 1975, the year Harry Crabb did restoration work on it for me, including new bellows. Now selling to finance a G/D instrument. Mobile (John) 07970350314 Or email jcscreen@aol.com
  3. skinsegan

    Jefferies 38-Key Bb/f Concertina

    Jeffries Bb/F Concertina for sale. https://www.donedeal.ie/brassandwind-for-sale/jeffries-bb-f-38-key-concertina/13726593
  4. Bb/F Lachenal 106253 dating from around 1903 for sale . This is a Bb/F 21 key Lachenal Concertina dating from around 1903, serial number 106253. Medium coloured wooden fretwork which is complete but with a partial hairline crack to each side - commensurate with age - which is stable and does not in anyway move or compromise the structure of the concertina. I had this concertina restored a few years ago and bellows reconditioned so it is ready to use and plays very nicely, a lovely little concertina. This instrument also has the 'Trade Mark - English Mark' with reed imprint on the right side strap mount. PM me if you are interested.
  5. Ptarmigan

    C Jeffries Bb/f For Sale!

    This Concertina has been sold! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * I believe this to be a late C19th / early C20th instrument. It was one of a collection belonging to the late Chris Chipchase & although he had a number of Jeffries, this was his favourite. It is a beautiful looking instrument, very loud & very easily played with the characteristic bark of a quality Jeffries Concertina. The reeds are all in tune & the bellows are only a few years old & are like new. To hear this Concertina in action, visit my site: Concertina Tunes from North Antrim: http://angloconcertina.podbean.com/ I would prefer to sell this instrument in Ireland, as I do not wish to send this it by post. However, although I live on the North Coast, I am willing to travel to meet the lucky buyer ~ half-way. I bought this lovely Concertina about two years ago, but for the past year, due to a muscle problem in my left arm, I have been unable to play more than a couple of tunes, on Concertina or Fiddle, at any gig or session. Despite Physio. this problem refuses to get any better, so rather than just gathering dust here, I have reluctantly decided to let this one go on to a new home, where it will receive much more deserved playing attention than I can or will be able to give it. A few members here will perhaps remember this instrument, including anyone who bought any of the other Chris Chipchase Concertinas & anyone who knows me, or has bumped into me. It owes me £4,000 & I have no desire to make any profit on it, I only wish it to go to a good home. I won't be putting it on eBay, so the first genuine matching offer will secure this fine Concertina. Cheers, Dick