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  1. Bb/F Lachenal 106253 dating from around 1903 for sale . This is a Bb/F 21 key Lachenal Concertina dating from around 1903, serial number 106253. Medium coloured wooden fretwork which is complete but with a partial hairline crack to each side - commensurate with age - which is stable and does not in anyway move or compromise the structure of the concertina. I had this concertina restored a few years ago and bellows reconditioned so it is ready to use and plays very nicely, a lovely little concertina. This instrument also has the 'Trade Mark - English Mark' with reed imprint on the right side strap mount. PM me if you are interested.
  2. I have a Crabb 31 key C/G anglo concertina which I have owned since it was made in 1975. Geoff Crabb advises me he was personally involved in its manufacture. It has stainless steel metal ends and the metal keys and black bellows are in excellent condition. It plays beautifully and has had the once over by Colin Dipper a couple of weeks ago. If you are interested in a genuine lovely quality instrument please pm me.
  3. Hi are you still looking for a Lachenal Ab/eb 2 row ?
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