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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all, I've been trawling through old MIDI concertina posts because I have a specific dream. Background: I first got into squeeze boxes through a crappy, amazon Anglo. Despite everything, its not half bad. But eventually I moved on to PA and eventually got myself a Roland V-Accordion which I absolutely love. What I dearly miss about the concertina though is the size, but I can't play a lot of what I like on Anglo because it is in wacky scales that my Anglo doesn't have the accidentals for. On top of that, I like to play in the middle of the night while my partner is sleeping, so having it be reedless and headphones-able is pretty key as well. All that got me thinking: I have a 3D printer, maybe I could put together a system that cannibalizes my old Anglo for its bellows, I'll get some sort of air pressure sensor, some nice buttons, maybe an SBC, print a couple face plates that will work with a Hayden-Duet System and make something cool. With all that background being given, does anyone know of someone doing a MIDI concertina that uses bellows? From what I can tell the two I've seen that are active have ditched bellows. Anyway, thanks so much in advance.
  2. This: https://github.com/PierreBanwarth/MIDI-concertina may be of interest to some readers here?
  3. I have just find this video of a midi concertina player. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OU9c4bPBpGg I don't know if anybody has posted this video yet. Anybody knows the common layout of this player? What kind of duet layout, hayden, more similar to CBA. As he plays accordion tunes also? FĂ©lix Castro
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