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Found 4 results

  1. I've recently been lucky enough to work on two Lachenal Bass anglos, both originally sold into Concertina bands. The first, in Bb/F is internally inscribed "Pride of Wooton" and has a Liverpool suppliers plate inset into the end. Serial number 174,914. The second went from Astley's Concertina Emporium, in Oldham, to Tottington (Lancashire) Concertina band, and is in C/G, serial 151,069. The current owner has some history of the band, which he believes was formed around 1900 in Tottington Mill, moving eventually to a band room in Sunnywood Lane, Tottington. It was recorded as late as 1938 by the BBC, performing in concert along with the Brittania Coconut dancers. Both are great fun, and go some way to explaining Cormac Begley's upper body development.... I wondered if anyone has any history relating to either of these bands.
  2. Not sure if this should be in "Ergonomics" or here, and will be of interest to a limited number of people I guess. I've just had my huge double action contra bass modified with fittings for a neck strap. The idea is to enable me to play it standing up. Dave Elliott has put two small lugs (inset into the instrument body) round the two uppermost end screws on each side. Very solid job, works very well and enables me to play with bands who are standing up or moving about. An interesting side effect is that I bounce around when playing it - not my usual style! Picture shows rings through the lugs for attaching straps. As usual, very nice work from Dave.
  3. I plan to offer my Lachenal double acting bass for sale on e-bay in a few days. Unfortunately, this instrument has been mutilated by the attempt of a previous owner a long time ago to add some extra notes. I did have hopes of re-working it to original format but have finally concluded that the damage is too great to repair. It is short of quite a few lower note reeds and valve pads but the bellows are good and the main structure elements are useable. Accordingly, it is to be offered as spares rather than a restoration project and is mentioned on this forum to reach as wide an audience as possible for what is probably quite a rare instrument and consequent spares interest. Thanks for any interest.
  4. I am the proud owner of a Lachenal double action g bass concertina (so it is heavy). I get on well with it when sat down, but I now have a requirement to play it when standing. I am reluctant to modify the instrument and the only holes in the ends (apart from the fretwork) are the thumb strap fastenings. Does anyone have any ideas about straps or mechanisms,to support it for playing when standing, or even better, walking. Regards, Adrian
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