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  1. Hi Mike, Sorry about the slow response, I don’t seem to get notifications from this forum. To be honest I haven’t checked the lowest note (I don’t have the instrument, this post is on behalf of its non-playing owner), on my instruments it’s often an F next to the bottom G instead of a G sharp. I did a rough ear check against my treble and it seems to be in concert. The bottom “inside” note is G below middle C. I think the note next to it is G sharp but I can’t swear to it and don’t want to disturb the owner unless there is some prospect of a sale. I think the solder on the reeds is due to its retuning from Salvation Army or some other band pitch, but that’s just a guess. Regards, Adrian
  2. Due to bereavement, I have a 48 key treble Wheatstone English concertina for sale. Flat metal ended, steel reeds, 6-fold bellows, concert pitch. There are no markings other than R66 and L66 inside the ends It is in its original box which indicates it is of Salvation Army origin and hence will have been retuned to concert. The bellows are sound and all reeds work though 2 or 3 are a little squeaky otherwise it is in good working order. Offers in the region of £1800 would be appreciated. The instrument is in West Yorkshire.
  3. Not sure if this should be in "Ergonomics" or here, and will be of interest to a limited number of people I guess. I've just had my huge double action contra bass modified with fittings for a neck strap. The idea is to enable me to play it standing up. Dave Elliott has put two small lugs (inset into the instrument body) round the two uppermost end screws on each side. Very solid job, works very well and enables me to play with bands who are standing up or moving about. An interesting side effect is that I bounce around when playing it - not my usual style! Picture shows rings through the lugs for attaching straps. As usual, very nice work from Dave.
  4. Thanks again everyone. Some really useful and constructive ideas here. I am in touch with my local professional (Dave Elliott) who has a minimally invasive solution. I'm off for a deep think about matters now :-)
  5. Thanks both for those useful replies. I'm inclining to Don's idea, due to it's non-invasive nature, but I'm reluctant to trust Velcro. I'll try to find a different fastening mechanism. I think I've seen fastenings like Gary's on other instruments fir attaching neck straps.I've heard that some of the old bands used modified prams when marching. I.e. They extended the pram handle to shoulder pads and the concertina rested on a platform on top of the pram. Sounds like it would rub the bellows to me and I don't want a large wheeled contraption in addition to the concertina. I'll keep on thinking and design something.
  6. I am the proud owner of a Lachenal double action g bass concertina (so it is heavy). I get on well with it when sat down, but I now have a requirement to play it when standing. I am reluctant to modify the instrument and the only holes in the ends (apart from the fretwork) are the thumb strap fastenings. Does anyone have any ideas about straps or mechanisms,to support it for playing when standing, or even better, walking. Regards, Adrian
  7. For your information folks. The Hawkwood CD is now available on eBay. Searching for "Concertina" under the category "Musical instruments" will find it. Regards, Adrian
  8. Yes I think it will have been Jenny. We played "City of Ships" one or two years ago at the Hawkwood band weekend, Very enjoyable - particularly nice to play some modern music. Also to pick up on Alan Day's comment about the conductors at Hawkwood. Steve Ellis is not only a music teacher but a brass band conductor. This is invaluable, as apart from the very occasional archive recording of concertina bands, brass band performance is one of the few ways we have of getting much idea of a concertina band style. Adrian
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