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Found 12 results

  1. I just finished converting this song to be able to be played on my C/G Anglo concertina. This is one of my first attempts at translating a song so it might not be the best, but I think I did a pretty okay job. Feedback is appreciated. Edit: A few notes are purple because they were hard for me to see Nocturne_of_Ice.pdf
  2. Hi guys! I'm new and sort of crap on the concertina but really want to play this song would anyone be able to figure out what the notes are or be able to give any ideas. Here's the video > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9ivkRyOEJs I've begun to try and figure it out by ear but I'm finding it tough and inaccurate. So if anyone has tips on good strategies for that type of thing, they'd be appreciated.
  3. The first verse is melody only, 2nd is melody & harmony together, and the last verse adds Accordion for Tenor & Bass. Normally I play by ear, but I've been trying to get my music theory skills up to help others out. I tried using Gary Coover's Anglo Concertina tablature to help make it easier to follow. Here's a link to the original hymn sheet music. Also, I attached the Melody & Harmony Concertina sheet music as attachments. I actually didn't know these forums existed until "TehRazorBack" messaged me about it on YouTube! Would love to start frequenting more and getting to know other players!
  4. Looking for some sheet music in the Gary Coover style for c/g Anglo in Wheatstone layout! Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I am a beginner trying to learn to play the Elise, Hayden Duet concertina. I choose the duet because from what I read, it was the easiest to learn to play and was a good choice for solo playing. Living 25 miles from the nearest town, playing for my own enjoyment is my only real option. I’ve been through the lesson book that came with the instrument, but I am finding additional sheet music for this instrument to be non-existent. Playing by ear is a non-starter for me; I need to see the notes to play. There seems to be a lot of lesson books and music written for a 30 key Anglo, I am beginning to think I made a mistake choosing this duet. But before I give up on the Elise, I would like to find out: 1. Can anyone recommend any beginner lesson books or where I can purchase sheet music for the 34 key Hayden Duet? 2. I would like to play some Sea Shanties, does anyone know of a book or sheet music with the lyrics for this music? 3. What sheet music written for a different instrument would be best to play with a duet concertina? Thanks, Damman
  6. This morning, I happened to walk into my husband's workshop just as he had reached a particular spot in a pile of old sheet music he was going through. I would have missed this exciting find if I'd walked in at a different time: This is a piano arrangement. Some of us play the arrangement for concertina, as arranged by Mr. Stanley (which is not so easy to find, either). Here's my folder of photos of the sheet music.
  7. I recently accompanied the telling of the story of a variation on Sanji and the Baker. The setting and characters made it impossible not to base the music on Ketelbey's In a Persian Market, which describes the scene of a Persian Market (no surprise there!) through the day - with the caravan of camels arriving in the morning, the hustle and bustle of the beggars in the market, the beautiful princess passing through, the jugglers and snake charmer, and the Caliph making his entrance. And then the evening comes and everyone leaves and stillness returns. You can find orchestral versions on YouTube etc. I remember playing it years ago with the Butleigh Court Concertina Band. After doing that it seemed to make sense to arrange the actual original, complete, piece for tenor-treble English, so here it is: https://musescore.com/user/33705254/scores/5887541 I also made a rough recording of it (just to prove it's playable!) - though need to practice and recover my microphones before making a decent one! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Pc0aX2GhxvLxcVT6BAX2jQT8EfD6zX5q
  8. Facebook kindly informed my that it was a friend's birthday, and before I knew it, this (mp3 attached, or here) had happened. I'm still not quite sure how. Here are the dots, in case you want a go. I had to fudge the lack of a top d. HappyBirthday.mp3
  9. Greetings, first post here as I've just acquired my first concertina about a week ago, a 30 button C/G Rochelle anglo. First thing I did was buy Gary Coover's new shanty book and his Civil War book (which I discovered while looking for Sea of Thieves sheet music, great work on Grog Mayles, Gary!) However, I have been unable to find any good sheet music for The Dreadnought, I've heard some great renditions of it, obviously one being Ewan McColl and the other being an instrumental of a version by Robert White & Tim Laycock, searchable on google under "The Dreadnought Tea Clipper" as well as an mp3 attached. I'm interested in finding some form of sheet music for any version that doesn't just provide the melody, but extremely interested in this "Tea Clipper" version. Any help would be appreciated! The Dreadnought Tea Clipper.mp3
  10. I've been trying to improve my reading skills recently by playing some simple(ish) classical-type music on my Peacock Hayden. So far I've been working through the S, A, & T lines of some Bach chorales (the bass lines go too low for my little box), and I've struggled through a few of the simpler tunes from Bartok's Mikrokosmos. I'm wondering about other classical music that more-or-less fits the range (three octives starting at the C below middle C). If this has been written about here before, I'm happy to be pointed in a direction to keep looking. Thank you for any ideas! Best, steven arntson
  11. Though I've only just started playing, I want to have something to aspire to! One of my favourite tracks is Music for a Found Harmonium by Penguin Cafe Orchestra It's played on G/D Anglo here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uS1JEV50dx0) , but I can't find any music for it. Can anyone help? Ideally, numbered keys would be great as I'm still learning to read music! I found some things here (https://thesession.org/tunes/346), but not something that is understandable to me! I'm not expecting anyone to transcribe, but if you have the sheet music floating around - I would love to see it! Cheers Will
  12. Hi all, The other day I was searching online for the violin sheet music for the song "The Cuckold Comes out of the Amery" as performed in the film "Master and Commander" (listen here). Somehow I stumbled on a .temp file from this website (r and Commander" (listen here). Somehow I stumbled on a .temp file from this website (http://www.concertina.net/tunes-temp/1166.pdf ), and, not realizing it was a temporary file, I bookmarked it to print later. Next time I clicked it, naturally, it came up as a 404. I've been kicking myself ever since-- I did want to learn that one. Does anyone here know who uploaded that file, and where I can find the music? The original poster said it was *transcribed* from the movie, so the music would have been stylized from the original tune. The PDF was several pages long. Thanks so much for the help! ( I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong forum.... correct me and I'll move it to the right one)
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