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  1. Thank you so much Martin! Apologies for the late response for some reason I never got a notification about your response. Yeah they’ve added quite a few new songs and they all really sound terrific on the concertina.
  2. Looking for some sheet music in the Gary Coover style for c/g Anglo in Wheatstone layout! Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Decided to give the clover a try! Placed my order yesterday. Thank you all for the input!
  4. Thanks Ken! Great info. I’ve been on here a few years but am not always the most active so it would be quite easy for me to miss some discussions. And what a coincidence, I’ll be sure to make it to the next NESI! I think I’m leaning towards the clover, I will hopefully make a decision hopefully by the end of the day! Luckily no matter what I have two weeks to get a full refund if it isn’t the right fit. Is there any difference in the delrin vs metal buttons in terms of grip? I find that sometimes when I tend to play for a bit my fingers become a little slippery.
  5. And would you say the buttons on the clover are a little skinnier? Coming from the Rochelle which has relatively skinny buttons I wonder if that would be an easier transition. I really loved testing the Ceili although I quickly learned those wider buttons would take a little learning adjustment haha
  6. They are great! That’s where I got my Rochelle
  7. Hi all, I'm finally looking to upgrade my 30 button C/G Rochelle (Wheatstone layout) and have narrowed it down to two. I've heard really good things about the Concertina Connection Clover and was able to stop by the Button Box Since I live in the area and test out their R. Morse & Co Ceili, which I really enjoyed. Anyone have any experience with both or input? Thanks!
  8. Just purchased, can't wait to start playing!
  9. Thank you! I do have a 30 button anglo so I will definitely play around with it. Cheers, Jared
  10. Hi Lachenal, That would be great. I have a C/G anglo and tabs in the key of C in a pdf would be much more helpful since I'm not particularly well versed in ABC yet. Best, Jared
  11. Heard this wonderful rendition and am looking for some notation for concertina. Cheers!
  12. As usual, you're the best Gary. Best, Jared
  13. Looking for Anglo 30 button sheet music for this version of The Keel Row by Brian Peters. Thank you in advance!
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