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  1. This is a short review of the book 'There was None of this Lazy Dancing' by Bob Ellis. The book is about the music played at dances in the Yorkshire Dales. There are a lot of good (folk) tune books. There is a smaller but significant number of books dealing with the social history of (folk) music. There are very few books which deal with both the music and the social history of the music. This book is a significant addition to that small sub-genre. The book is a collection of tunes played at dances in the Yorkshire Dales. The tunes are presented in a way which describes and discusses their use by placing them in the context of the social events at which the tunes were played, and by using short biographies of some of the musicians who played the music. The tunes themselves are a mix of the familiar and the not-so-familiar. Where necessary, tunes in 'unfriendly' keys are also supplied in transpositions to a 'friendly' key, usually G, so the tunes should be easily accessible to G/D and C/G concertina players? (Note however, that the book is not concertina-specific, and as far as I am aware, is not intended to be Dance instructions are also included, as are comprehensive cross-referenced indexes of both the tunes and the dances. This is an absolutely splendid mix of academic rigour, relevance and readability. The book is also well-illustrated and well made (hard cover, stitched signatures, lay-flat binding). The fortunate purchaser of the book will also receive a password giving access to ABC transcriptions of all the tunes. The author asks, (very reasonably), that this password not be passed on to those who have not purchased the book. The ABC code appears to be of original transcriptions by the author. The style of coding is consistent, concise (minimalist, if you prefer), unambiguous and correct. As with the printed text, where the original of the tune was in an 'unfriendly' key, the author has provided a transcription into a 'friendly' key. In brief, this is a superb book! The only irritating thing about the book is that there is a picture of the author on page 5. I'm sure I know the man from somewhere, and can't for the life of me remember where or when I encountered him. Bloody infuriating!
  2. Boxed and as new. I bought this with good intentions, but I really can't get the hang of the bisonoric (push and pull give different notes) nature of this instrument. I've since taught myself to play the English Concertina (same note push and pull). So I'm selling this completely unused instrument, along with straps, tutors and accompanying CD. £475 ono I'm happy to post it (UK) at cost price. It's quite light, so my guess is something like £20. Cheers Howard
  3. SOLD... I thought I’d have another go on the button accordion, having played one about 30 years ago. But I stopped playing the box to focus on playing the concertina (I also play flute and fiddle). I bought the Bouebe with high hopes but I have some shoulder issues that are making it too painful to continue. So I am moving this along. This is a practically brand new Saltarelle "Bouebe" 23 key/8 bass, Irish button accordion in B/C, with backpack style gig bag. It was purchased brand new last month, from Martin Quinn’s accordion store in Kiltgan, Co. Wicklow Ireland, and hand-carried to the US. Martin is a professional accordion player, repairman and dealer. He did a complete setup on this Bouebe, including tuning the reeds, setting the button action and changing the bass buttons to the "modern" style. It plays beautifully. I am reluctant to sell it but it’s too painful to continue to play it. It comes with new backpack style gig bag and two Saltarelle leather shoulder straps. This is an opportunity to get a fully set up, brand-new box at a reduced price. I will be happy to send more pictures. The Button Box sells these (when they can get a B/C) for $2300.00. Shipping Internationally, buyer to pay shipping and insurance fees. It looks just like this: https://www.eaglemusicshop.com/prod/but ... bouebe.htm
  4. Squeezers In Concert Friday, May 5 7:30-10 pm at Seekers Church $20 nonmembers, $10 members The Squeezers, a trio of veterans of the Washington Folk Festival, FSGW Midwinter Festival and Takoma Porch, are a “genre-defying” squeezebox trio squeezing tunes of the world from bellows-and-reed instruments of the world. Traditional Morris tunes, French bal-folk dances, Jazz standards, tango and original arrangements of traditional music highlight the versatility of these cross-cultural instruments and artists. Sarah Murdoch-Vocalist From old murder ballads to Nina Simone by way of old-time gospel, Sarah Murdoch’s voice is both sweet and mighty, like a steam locomotive burning daffodils. She is a New York singer and actor; a regular of NYC pub sings, you’ll also remember her voice and style if you’ve attended Youth Trad Song Weekend in the past two years.
  5. Appearing at DC Folk Music Festival in Glen Echo Park THE SQUEEZERS Jim Besser - Anglo Concertina Gus Voorhees - Melodeon Randy Stein - English Concertina Bill Brown– Vocals Saturday June 4th, 2016 4:00 PM on the Yurt Village Stage http://fsgw.org/myorgnet/public.php?Org=fsgw&ProgramID=10&NoTitle=1
  6. Here is a link to the Saturday Evening Concert at this years Northeast Squeeze-In (NESI). It doesn't begin to explain how much fun the weekend was. And that the evening didn't end till hours after this concert ended. http://www.squeeze-in.org/2015Concert/2015ConcertRecording.html rss
  7. https://soundcloud.com/randy-stein-1/return-to-helsinkiveron-and-marcels-schottiiiiiche The Squeezers Live at DC Folk Festival June 30, 2015 Return to Helsinki by Ian Stephenson Veron and Marcel's Schottische by John Dipper Performed by Gus Voorhess - Melodeon Jim Besser - Anglo Concertina Randy Stein - English Concertina Cyndy Elliot - Upright Bass
  8. Post deleted. Could not get video to work
  9. Plenty of dates to see the Squeezers this month: Friday May 15th 8:00 -10:00 PM, Zed's Cafe, 8225 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD Saturday May 16th 2:00 - 6:00 PM, Takoma Park Porch Music Festival. We'll be at 6702 Westmoreland Ave, Takoma Park, MD Friday May 29th - Zed's Cafe (yup, back again) Saturday, May 30th - Glen Echo Folk Music Festival, 12:00 noon on the Crystal Stage (information at www.fsgw.org) Jim Besser - Anglo Concertina Gus Voorhees - Melodeon Randy Stein - English Concertina Special Guests: Bill Brown - Vocalist Cyndy Elliot - Upright Bass (Glen Echo only)
  10. Hi all My how time flies! I'm here once again to do a bit of missionary work. Happily I am once again running both Absolute Beginners and Improvers Melodeon workshops every afternoon from Monday 4th Aug to Friday 8th Aug at Sidmouth Folk Week. Both series will be progressive, so very advisable to start at the beginning. They are at a new venue this year, The Kingswood Room at the Devoran and Kingswood Hotel on the Esplanade. There are two Absolute Beginners workshops, just so I can fit them all in: Workshop I: 16:15 - 17:00 Workshop II: 17:15 - 18:00 No need to be able to read music, but you will need access to a D/G melodeon though, thanks to Spinningpath Arts CIC, I shall have a banks of about 12 melodeons available for those who would like to try out the melodeon, but don't have access to one. They shall be allocated by means of a lottery, forms for which will be available from the Box Office on The Ham. SO it's an ideal opportunity to find out what "those people" have been on about! The Improvers Workshops (if you are already a closet member of "those people") is where we look at different techniques and sneaky stuff for showing off. They are at 14:45 - 16:00 each day. Again music reading is not necessary, but you will need access to a D/G melodeon and be able to play a few tunes with simple bass accompaniment. So there we are, tell the world! You never know, someone might be interested ... Ed:-)
  11. THE SQUEEZERS at ZED'S CAFE FRIDAY, MARCH 27th 8:00 - 10:00 PM 8225 GEORGIA AVENUE SILVER SPRING, MD 301-495-5614 Jim Besser - Anglo Concertina Gus Voorhees - Melodeon Randy Stein - English Concertina
  12. The Squeezers playing the Morris tune "Step Back" at the 2015 FSGW Mini-Fest . Jim Besser - Anglo Concertina Gus Voorhees - Melodeon Randy Stein - English Concertina Cyndy Elliot - Bass http://youtu.be/uJS2GE9Y2cI
  13. Still working down here in Colombia, though contracts slower to become profitable than I'd like, so haven't yet jumped on my clever ideas to take advantage of low-low labor costs down here to get some cool stuff done. One idea I have is to find a local accordion technician, and get him to make me a basic hybrid concertina. For ease of an accordionist building it, simplicity of design, and also because I like it, my current vision is to have him build me a Wheatstone Duett, but hybrid and in Hayden layout: It's smaller than the usual (though will have to scale-up size to fit hybrid reeds), minimal angles and curves, looks to be a pretty simple action to adapt to using stock accordion levers/springs, etc. Plus I've always loved the look of the little things, and I'm fine having a more limited instrument if it means I can have less-expensive and durable small instrument for travel. Does this sound like a broadly-reasonable idea? My impression is that most accordion techs in Colombia work on Hohners, don't know how common building from scratch is. But if I can find a guy who's repaired/fabricated actions and boards, knows reed settup of course, and has decent woodworking skills, might this be feasible? I don't know if such a tech makes his own bellows, but if somehow he doesn't, perhaps I can get the smallest rectangular off-the-shelf bellows we can source and build around those dimensions. Any of you concertina builders/repairers/enthusiasts have any input on the feasibility of this? If doable, what would I have to explain to an accordion tech about (hybrid) concertinas that might not otherwise be intuitive to him?
  15. the Squeezers Upcoming Performances: FSGW Mid Winter Folk Music Festival Saturday February 7th All Day We perform at 5:00 PM Takoma Park Middle School, Takoma Park, MD Event Info: http://fsgw.org/myorgnet/public.php GROUNDED COFFEE HOUSE SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH 11:00 AM— 1:00 PM 6919 TELEGRAPH ROAD ALEXANDRIA, VA
  16. A reminder: Sunday, Dec. 14 is our next Dc/Baltimore (and beyond) area Squeeze In. 2-6 PM. All genres, all levels of experience. This is an inclusive, friendly gathering. You can lead tunes, join in robustly, or play quietly in a corner; all are welcome, including absolute beginners. All kinds of squeezeboxes are welcome; one of these days we may even get a bandoneon. As always, we'll do a mix of actual jamming - ie no dots - and reading from notation. We'll do some easy tunes and some challenging ones. Here's an initial selection of tunes we might want to play. They're in a Dropbox folder; I'd prefer that if you like playing from notation, you print your own copies (last time, I printed so many my printer ran out of toner!). Feel free to contribute additional tunes; send them to me and I'll add them to Dropbox. And of course we'll be doing an equal amount of seat-of-the-pants jamming. Also feel free to bring some snacks and drinks, but this isn't mandatory. For directions ping me.
  17. Appearing at St Elmo’s Coffee Pub THE SQUEEZERS Jim Besser - Anglo Concertina Gus Voorhees - Melodeon Randy Stein - English Concertina Wednesday December 10, 2014 8:00 — 10:00 PM St Elmo’s Coffee Pub 2300 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA (in the heart of Del Ray) https://www.facebook.com/DCsqueezers
  18. This novel design was mentioned in the "Makers" thread with some speculation, so I figured it best to just contact the maker directly. Here's his reply which he consented to have posted on Cnet: He sent a lot more detailed pics as while as a flyer (attached to this thread as a file). If you need the more detailed internal pics, fretwork, etc. you can PM me, or just get in contact with Stéphane: http://www.accordeons-du-marais.com/ His shop is in Fontenay-Le-Comte, an hour south of Nantes, if we happen to have any members in the greater Bretagne/Breizh region who can give us a hands-on report. Prospectus Mélodina.pdf
  19. The attached is from our gig at St Elmo's Coffee Pub. We played again at the DC Music Festival a couple weeks ago and I can't seem to get it out of my head. Haunting tune and its in 9/8 time. rss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_rvy6jLmh4&list=PLlaiiiD-Y1Eko2P1si8qhhF4HjfwJHYaK&index=3
  20. This is a shameless plug for a new CD of all original music my mate Gus Voorhees, the melodeon player in our group the Squeezers. Very cool and Gus plays all the instruments. Support these young musicians and buy their music! http://gusvoorhees.bandcamp.com/album/blossoms
  21. Here is a small snippet of our group the Squeezers from yesterdays performance at the DC Folf Music Festival. It was a beautiful day and a great venue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cRbCjKrETx0
  22. Appearing at DC Folk Music Festival in Glen Echo Park THE SQUEEZERS Jim Besser - Anglo Concertina Gus Voorhees - Melodeon Randy Stein - English Concertina Saturday May 31, 2014 5:30 PM on the Crystal Pool Stage http://fsgw.org/myorgnet/public.php Featuring traditional tunes from different cultures, jazz and pop standards, tangos, English music hall songs and more. We celebrate the incredible versatility of bellows-driven free-reed instruments.
  23. Appearing at May Revels Celebration at the Strathmore THE SQUEEZERS Jim Besser - Anglo Concertina Gus Voorhees - Melodeon Randy Stein - English Concertina Saturday May 4, 2014 12:30 PM and 3:00PM Free to the Public Strathmore, 5301 Tuckerman Ln, North Bethesda, MD 20852 http://www.revelsdc.org/events-calendar.html
  24. Appearing at St Elmo’s Coffee Pub THE SQUEEZERS with Jim Besser - Anglo Concertina Gus Voorhees - Melodeon Randy Stein - English Concertina With Special Guests: Gerry Hemming - Guitar and Bill Brown - Singer of English Music Hall Ditties Wednesday April 23, 2014 8:00 — 10:00 PM St Elmo’s Coffee Pub 2300 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA (in the heart of Del Rey) Featuring traditional tunes from different cultures, jazz and pop standards, tangos, English music hall songs and more, we celebrate the incredible versatility of bellows-driven free-reed instruments. Visit us on Facebook
  25. About a year or so ago Jim Besser and I started playing together and found music and ways to make the anglo and the EC work nicely together. We then added the young and very talented melodeon player, Gus Vorhees and started the Squeezers. Our repertoire seems to defy categorizing as we play an eclectic selection of styles and music from genres, and time periods.. In searching YouTube I found several groups and bands that have a concertina in them or the lead is a concertina or accordion. There are groups like Rachel Hall's Concertina Orchestra, the Bootle Concertina Band and others that have more than one free reed player in the group. Also a few that have Chemitzer concertinas Like Bill Czerniak Band. So anyone else have a group of multiple free reed instruments currently performing? If so what is it, where are you, and what kind of music do you play? rss
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