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    English And Hayden Concertina plus guitar, mandolin, bass, tenor guitar, tenor banjo
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  1. howardhill

    Hohner Pokerwork D/g Melodeon

  2. howardhill

    Hohner Pokerwork D/g Melodeon

    Thanks Jim - good idea
  3. howardhill

    Hohner Pokerwork D/g Melodeon

    Boxed and as new. I bought this with good intentions, but I really can't get the hang of the bisonoric (push and pull give different notes) nature of this instrument. I've since taught myself to play the English Concertina (same note push and pull). So I'm selling this completely unused instrument, along with straps, tutors and accompanying CD. £475 ono I'm happy to post it (UK) at cost price. It's quite light, so my guess is something like £20. Cheers Howard
  4. howardhill

    Morse Geordie English Concertina For Sale

    Thanks Mike - very helpful.
  5. My lovely - in fantastic condition - 45 button Morse Geordie Tenor English Concertina is up for sale. It's a bit like a treble, but has an extra row so it goes to a 5th lower (i.e. the lowest note is a C rather than a G). It is in excellent condition, has fast action and plays beautifully (I don't though). I have a smaller Morse EC, which I am keeping, but I need to sell this one. I am a lifelong string player (mandolin etc) and 1 concertina is enough for me to enjoy. Rosewood stained Cherry ends, black Delrin buttons, brass fittings, riveted action, 6-fold bellows, and high-quality accordion-type reeds. With original hardshell case. Here's a link to the instrument on the Musicroom website... http://www.themusicroom-online.co.uk/product_info.php/products_id/5115 All offers will be considered - you may grab a bargain ) If anyone is interested, then please email me howard@thehilltribe.com. I live near Oxford, England. Once sold, then a donation to this website will be made. Thanks Howard (edited to include Musicroom link)
  6. howardhill

    Morse Albion Baritone For Sale

    Is this still for sale? I am interested, although I have no idea what the shipping to UK would be. Cheers Howard
  7. howardhill

    Swap Morse Tenor For Morse Treble

    I have a beautiful Morse Geordie Tenor English concertina. It has a greater range of notes than I will ever use and so I was wondering if anyone would want to swap their Morse Albion Treble for my Tenor. I would benefit from a smaller instrument and somebody could benefit from the greater range of low notes. Cheers Howard
  8. howardhill

    Jackie English Concertina For Sale

    The Jackie costs £399 new in the UK, so I thought £275 ono was reasonable. Clearly, the price difference between UK and USA is too significant to make it worthwhile. Sorry. Howard
  9. howardhill

    Jackie English Concertina For Sale

    No interest :0( I am wondering if the asking price is too high or is there just no interest? Cheers Howard
  10. howardhill

    Jackie English Concertina For Sale

    My Jackie English Concertina is for sale. I can't find the soft case but I have the tutorial. The instrument itself is pretty much as new. I have recently bought a Morse EC. £275 or near offer Howard