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Found 5 results

  1. Great session last night. I was, as they say in Nova Scotia, givin'er. After one set, a dull pain started in the palm of my left hand, just left of centre. Felt like a pinched nerve or something, I iced it (lucky we were at a bar), took an Advil, and the pain dissipated, but left behind a faint bruise. Today the hand feels mostly fine---the bruise is a bit tender. Weird, hey? Any amateur diagnosticians out there? Christine
  2. REASON FOR ATTEMPTING 3D PRINTING OF A CONCERTINA Concertinas are too expensive because of complexity and difficulty of manufacture and repair, etc. So I've decided to start 3D printing parts to create a better kind of 'people's' concertina - it's the start of my Concertina Nova project. It's explorative - 'may take years, but the aims are: - use 3D printing to experimentally revise the form of the concertina for better ergonomics and easier playing, yet still good sound - to 'democratize' the concertina by making it available as a cheap, robust instrument at 'guitar prices' - make them so popular that they'll be seen round every campfire and at every party, in harmony with guitars and voices. ACTION Tomorrow I'm paying a local engineering firm, Absolute TOoling Solutions, to copy- 3D-print the outer ends of my tenor-treble, with - non-conical holes so the buttons won't wiggle - pinholes for ventilation, to reduce the glaring loudness while still allowing air flow. That experiment will cost me $400. It gets me - alternative end pieces for my concertina - CAD drawings I need for future redos (probably using my own 3D printer later) SEE THE CURRENT DRAFT REQUIREMENTS SPECIFICATION OF THE CONCERTINA NOVA https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-4satLcOAKGNnRjNE5SNW03UXc/view?usp=sharing SEE THE 3D PRINTERS AVAILABLE IN NEW ZEALAND I may be buying a 3D printer myself, perhaps the one shown at.. http://diamondage.co.nz/product/moa-3d-printer/ because it can 3D print itself and I might create others to use or sell. Bruce (Tomo) Thomson 20 Lyndhurst St. Chelwood Village, Palmerston North, New Zealand 06 357 7773 021 176 9711 palmytomo@gmail.com
  3. Hi all - need some tips from the experts, here. I would like to play my C/G Anglo while walking in a parade in September and need some advice (I normally sitting with the left side on my left knee). Does anyone have some tips on how to play standing without A) hurting my concertina, playing the notes I actually want to play. No need for ornaments, just want to hold it up and play the basics of the tune. I don't think I can tighten the straps enough to make much of a difference because of my hand size. I have thought of building something to perch the wee thing on, but can't quite construct how that would work - so thoughts on that might be useful too. Thanks for your time - looking forward to hearing your ideas, Claire
  4. Hello, I replaced the stiffer leathers on my English 18 button Concertina and I am pleased with the results. See the video here: http://youtu.be/nDlA9o1AgXY
  5. A friend loaned me her Stagi 48 key English. I find it incredibly difficult to finger, eps. the lower tones. Is the Stagi a good representative of the ergonomics of the standard English concertina? 'Cuz, i'd be pretty disappointed.
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