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  1. A friend loaned me her Stagi 48 key English. I find it incredibly difficult to finger, eps. the lower tones. Is the Stagi a good representative of the ergonomics of the standard English concertina? 'Cuz, i'd be pretty disappointed.
  2. Thanks for that link, Leo, but I still only saw (after checking twice) the one JACK (the same one google found) in that list. This one: Chantal Noppen Demonstrate the Jack Baritone Concertina http://www.youtube.c...NzEDCKnE&fmt=18 Thanks anyway: that's a valuable comparison resource.
  3. There seems to be several examples of the JACKIE available on the Internet, not so much the JACK. The one I can find is not very good, and a slow tune to boot. Can folks point me to JACK samples? I'd like to hear the differenc between the standard and the baritone. Tnx!
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