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  1. Interested in English concertinas with concertina reeds (not accordion reeds). 48 key treble, but especially tenor-treble 56 key baritone or Duet I have neurological difficulties that makes using computer screens problematic to go back and forth, prefer to speak on phone after 2PM MT at 385.242.5655 — or SonOfSam70@gmail.com MARK - Salt Lake, UT US
  2. Thank you all so much for the leads. I’m passing the information to my friend here that I do online things for. -ANDY
  3. What are the major concertina stores or sources in the United States? So far, I know about Concertina Connection, Liberty Bellows and Button Box. ANDY - Salt Lake, UT US
  4. Any leads appreciated. English / Duet (Hayden) in good condition. Looking to upgrade to intermediate concertina. Currently using Concertina Connection beginner. MARC - Salt Lake, UT US
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