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  1. its real shame is it was my 'go to' place for ABC conversion. btw. yep I've been away for a while from cnet, but I'm back. lol
  2. Thanks! I enjoyed your video. I tried to get to as many things as possible this year rather than just sitting in the session all day. lol! Its amazing the tunes you can get out of a burger.
  3. Had a great day at stowmarket again. For those that did and didn't go I have a video.... A little compilation video of the day and I also have a few photo's on my flikr account
  4. LDT, Great tune! This is actually my first post on this side of things. After a listen, I think this should be added as a suggestion for future TOTM over on Melnet. Shall I do it or would you like the honor? Thanks Your quite welcome to suggest it.
  5. Blood, sweat and tears....lots of tears. I'm still trying I get the odd notes but I can't memorise a new tune learning by ear on the concertina. I find it easier on the melodeon. I just find concertina has too many options (I say this as a anglo player). I have been known as 'practice' to make a playlist on my ipod - choose shuffle- and try to play along with tunes as they play.
  6. My new fave tune/earworm. Hear it played at ECMW in Brightlingsea and like it. The Saucy little bird on Nellies Hat
  7. As there's been so much rain lately I thought some sunshine was in order you are my sunshine (played octave styleee)
  8. I play anglo and I gave up playing it in large sessions (might bring it out if it is a small or more 'sensitively played' session)...just can't hear myself at all. I play the melodeon instead.
  9. Incidentally: He did tell me about the "Lion" Avatar that someone had created for him! He thought it was pretty cool and it made him smile :-) (i've never actually seen it, so I've no idea what it looks like, but he was proud of it!) Hi I was the one who created the avatar. I'm going to have a look though my files to see if I still have a copy so you can see it.
  10. Only just seen this post. Thanks Irene for flagging it up. My condolences. He seemed like such a nice chap. And his contribution to the site will be missed.
  11. Friday session From Saturday morning <br class="Apple-interchange-newline">
  12. Because the filesizes are so big, I've had to reduce quality and do several compilations rather than one big one. So here is the Sunday session...I arrived a bit late coz of a sudden downpour, so I was drying out in the warm of the yacht club. lol
  13. I have put a small selection of pics from the weekend on flickr http://www.flickr.co...mps/7439553680/ http://www.flickr.co...mps/7439553670/ http://www.flickr.co...mps/7439553664/ http://www.flickr.co...mps/7439553658/ http://www.flickr.co...mps/7439553648/ but the rest are on the ECMW group page. I only have one video up at the moment because youtube is being a pain and taking ages to upload Friday in the scout hut session led by the english string band (although this is from a little later on once the programmed 'leading' had finished)
  14. Had a great (if slightly soggy) time at ECMW. Nice to meet you all and ogle all the pretty concertinas.
  15. Here is the video is anyone hasn't seen it
  16. I was thinking about bringing mine...the question is does anyone deserve to put up with my playing.... Could come in handy as a float when the rain comes down.
  17. I find I can't hear myself in sessions...but suspect everyone else can.
  18. The amount of times I get it called a melodeon or accordion. *bangs head against wall*
  19. Now where did I put my platform shoes? You want it to be like a pre-raphelite painting? I have an orange dress somewhere.... I did warn you what happens when I mention camping and tents.
  20. Well I've been having another bash at it and generally I'm playing in octaves and holding a couple of buttons down together every so often. I can't be prescriptive when it comes to chords because I can't get my brain around them on concertina. I just jab random buttons along to the tune until I find something that fits. Although without a band doing all the snazzy bits it does get a bit repetitive.
  21. Well the notation has key sig with no sharps or flats, but there's a couple of 'accidental' sharps and flats in the tune.
  22. That's cool. Yeah I'm starting to feel confident enough to have a go play stuff I want to play rather than sticking exclusively to one genre. It would be easier to play on melodeon in D.
  23. In the mood is in the tunebook too. I can do that but it sounds very repetitive without a full band to it. lol
  24. Hope to add some accompaniment eventually. That was only a quick recording after a few hours of practice in the afternoon (the silly thunder drowned out my playing so I gave up after a while). But hoping to get back to it again. I quite like the words. lol! Like choo choo cha'boogie too. It sounds better than my attempt at 'in the mood' on fiddle. I've been learning lindy hop over past few months...hence my sudden penchant for swing music.
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