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  1. Hammer price plus buyer's premium was £2,662. About right I think. I wonder who bought it?
  2. I have a 64 key Treble Baritone Aeola which I bough from Crabb around 40 years ago. I paid £160 for it. He had a tenor treble but that was £180. It's a useful instrument.Mine is ebony ended. The "natural" fingering position is the same as a treble but with the extra bass notes - down to F, so it's like a tenor treble but with an extra row of notes. I know someone with a "mirror image instrument" which plays an octave below so the fingering is like having a 64 key treble piccolo which plays an octave below. So here, "normal" fingering would be a treble which plays an octave below. Another quite useful instrument. I do no know which way round the eBay one is but it is sensibly priced for such a magnificent box. I hope it goes to a good home, Colin
  3. yes, i won it :-) So, about £3,960 then. Seems like about the going rate. Although, if someone over here bought it & has to ship it back to the UK, that is of course going to mean a rather hefty chunk will need to be added onto the final overall cost. Cheers Dick I have imported eBay concertinas from Australia and USA and in both cases quoted UK customs commodity code is 9705000090 in the shipping papers which simply involved paying 5% VAT as a collector's item. Indeed I don't in fact recall paying anything at all but of course they may have tightened up. I bid on this concertina but chickened out pretty early. Delighted to hear it is coming back to the UK.
  4. Preliminary results show that between May of 1923 and July of 1943 approximately 123 Baritone-Trebles were produced, but only 33 were made of the model 16 (64 keys) with ebony ends. I don't know if any BTs were made prior to 1923. Although they are listed on a Wheatstone price list from 1920, the first citation I found in the production ledgers is 29678. Hello folks, I have one of these with ebony ends. It's number 29695 '. . 1923 I think, so again late 'best period. This one is an extended bass so is a 64 Key Treble Baritone. What a lovely box. It has been my companion for years. I bought it from Crabb in 1974 for £180. He also had a TT for slightly more money - £190 I seem to recall. No I won't sell it....
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