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  1. £4,141.00 Congratulations Keith. Seems like a very good price for a quality instrument. I trust you are satisfied with the highest bid? Just spoken to the gentleman who's bought it - seems like a really lovely fella - who's massively into his 'tinas - been building a collection for nearly 40 years ..... Lucky Man! Hmmmmmmmm I know it now belongs to him & I suppose he can do what he wants with it, but I certainly hope he is going to play it & not just stick it in a glass case? Cheers Dick You'll be reassured to know he's a player first - collector second
  2. £4,141.00 Congratulations Keith. Seems like a very good price for a quality instrument. I trust you are satisfied with the highest bid? Pinching myself if I'm honest, as is the father-in-law - and he owes me a VERY big drink. Just spoken to the gentleman who's bought it - seems like a really lovely fella - who's massively into his 'tinas - been building a collection for nearly 40 years - trading up all the time - and he's described our one as the pinnacle for him. A very lovely end to the weekend all around.
  3. Less than 24 hours to go.... please have a look .... we really want our 'tina to go to a good home...
  4. Going on what has been posted before it sounds as if this has a downward progression from a conventional treble layout, which means the lower keys in the baritone range are on the opposite side of the instrument compared with a straight, what you refer to as a'true', baritone instrument where the layout is as a treble but an octave lower. Colin Dipper brought a similarly keyed tenor-baritone to Kilve this last weekend, which was interesting but not easy to find your way around if you were used to playing a conventional treble or baritone. Many thanks - I'll pass this on
  5. someone has just asked me can you please confirm keyboard arrangement. is this a true baritone i.e. notes corresponding to an octave lower than a treble- or is it that the range is baritone to treble, with key arrangement on the upper part as a treble. if you can confirm keyboard, or lowest note on which side, this would greatly help. many thanks I'm afraid I've no idea - anyone any clues?
  6. You could keep it as an investment until you really need the money - a form of insurance, really. The extra cash at the right moment for emergency purposes or just to give yourself something you really want or need. I would guess that it is appreciating in value more than a savings account. Mike He can loan it to ME. I promise to take good care of it until he needs the money. wg massively generous offer - I'll pass it on for consideration
  7. Just got around to putting my lovely 'tina on ebay if anyone's interested Wheatstone Concertina 64 key Baritone Treble(260300076267)
  8. Not 100% sure if I've replied to you on this. I do still have our 'tina. I'm meeting someone tomorrow night to give her a squeeze, to make sure she's in tune etc. I'm still keen on selling - but I need to feel comfortable I'm getting a fair price. Any offers welcome. Thanks for you interest. Keith
  9. Hi Dave, That's why it's best to avoid giving this sort of advice. Ah well. I actually missed the bit about it being restored 20 years back. I started at GBP2500 for a 56b restored tenor treble and reduced it to allow for work and for the extra buttons. If I'd put a range it would have been upwards. I looked through the records for the last few years and as usual the prices are variable but your 2k would be in the ballpark I think (say 1900 to 2200?). Restored it may be a bit more. Firstly massive thanks to everyone who has contributed. I no longer feel so alone. But also realise again how little I know and how much there is to know. So apparently our little 'tina is on concert pitch and is in tune (my father-in-law is far more musical than I and tested this against his paino). Also the bottom note is the F below the C below middle C. I'm really hoping this means more to everyone out there than it means to me.
  10. Where in Hertfordshire are you based Keith? I live in London and could possibly come out and have a look at it and assess it for you, as I play the English system concertina myself. Chris I live in hertford. Alternatively I work in the centre of London most days and could obviously bring it in if this is helpful. Appreciate the assistance.
  11. What's the bottom note? If it's C below middle C, then the instrument is a tenor-treble (TT). If it's the F below that, it's a baritone-treble (BT). The model number 16 in the ledger would normally indicate a baritone-treble. But there are a few known instances in the ledger where the model number matches the size of the actual instrument, not its range... e.g., a treble in a piccolo body, or a BT in a TT. IF this is a TT, rather than the BT that the ledger indicates, then it would have larger-than-normal chambers, and I would expect an especially rich tone. Keith, can you tell us for sure, based on the instrument's lowest note? Sorry I've no idea how to get the lowest note, and even then i've no ability (as I'm tone deaf) to know what that note is. Sorry not being very helpful am I. But unfortunately that's why I'm here. I there anyway I can find out this information with my massively limited skills?
  12. Keith, Could you let us know where you're based (roughly) in case some of us would like to come and drool over it in person! (My husband won't let me have another concertina .... ) We're based in hertfordshire - clearly had no idea this was as interesting as it appears to be. Happy for people to swing around.
  13. My father-in-law has presented me with his father's concertina, which he's asked me to sell on his behalf. Apparently it was made in 1924 - it has a number on it 30363. Apparently it's a 64 Key Wheatstone English Tenor. This was refurbished about 20 years ago - and has sat in a box ever since. To me it looks in immaculate condition - please see pictures attached. So I need some advice on two points. Firstly can anyone give me a very ballpark valuation? Secondly where is the bext place to sell this? Many thanks in advance Keith
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