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  1. Wheatstone Concertina for sale Made by Steve Dickinson No. 60146 C/G Dickinson hard case Good condition £5000 Also listed on ebay I'm travelling to Ireland in December - Dublin, Galway and Kinvara if that is of any use.
  2. Hi Michael The eBay listing number is: 124576418220 best regards Andrew
  3. Hi Yes its listed on ebay but of course I would rather sell through this site The asking price on ebay is just speculative and I'm sure it wont sell for that.
  4. Wheatstone Concerina C/G 30 Button & drone 7 fold bellows Made by Steve Dickinson no. 60146 Hard case Excellent condition Generous offers considered
  5. Hi Brian Yes your offer is accepted. Please email bargemans@btconnect.com to sort out details
  6. Marcus G/D Concertina for sale. 30 button with an air button on either end. I’m selling for a deceased friend and melodeon player who always wanted to play concertina but never got round to. It was bought new from Marcus and is virtually unused. I’m trying to get the best price for his widow and have been advised that it’s worth £1800ish. move just checked out the Marcus site. It looks like a standard model so the new price is £1825. i guess £1500 is a more realistic second-hand price. There has been no interest on the forum so far so I’m going to list on eBay. I’m still open to sensible offers before it goes on eBay. It is located on The Isle of Wight but postage isn’t a problem. I have pictures etc and can answer any questions by email or by phone if requested.
  7. So I'm not too sure how much you want for the Concertina? At the right price I could be interested Andrew
  8. I would like to sell my Wheatstone concertina made by Steve Dickinson 30 button G/C with 1 drone button and 1 air button 7 fold bellows Raised metal ends Good condition with original hard case I'm looking for £4500 but am open to sensible offers
  9. Hi Please can you send some addition pictures. How much are you asking? Where is the concertina located? Many thanks Andrew
  10. Wheatstone C/G concertina by Steve Dickinson 30 button 7 fold bellows Excellent condition and good playing order Original case I'm looking for sensible offers. Go on, treat yourself for Christmas
  11. Hi, I have a 30 button, 8 sides anglo with 8 fold bellows made by Geoffrey Crabb. It is in as new condition. For further details contact me directly. Andrew
  12. I bought the 2 D/G boxes and very nice they are too. He who hesitates / speculates is lost. I can assure you all that they will be played to near destruction is sessions. Andrew
  13. Sorry to see that you're selling your Jeffries Andrew. I hope the sale goes well for you, it should do....it looks a very fine instrument. Its a lovely concertina. The problem is I'm used to playing with a Wheastone button layout which I have on my Dippers and this one of course, has the standard Jeffries system. I could have it changed of course but this seems sacraligeous especially considering the original reeds etc. Andrew
  14. Hi If anybody is interested, I have just listed my Jeffries Concertina on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=120447575725 Andrew
  15. Hi I'm quite interested in the Hayden Duet concertina. I'm an anglo player at present but fancy a bit of a challenge. Please can you tell me the asking price. Many thanks Andrew
  16. Hi I've just listed my Miniature Wheatstone English Concertina on ebay if anybody is interested. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=120338809677 Andrew
  17. Hi Peter. I havnt yet recieved the Linota. I had it send straight to Andrew Norman and it is now on his to do list. I should have it back towards the end of the year. Andy
  18. Hi, Having been listening to Roger Edwards playing his Bb/F concertina on the Anglo International CD , I have an overpowering desire to own one. Has anybody one for sale or as a trade. I have a D/G Jeffries or a C/G Conner or even a D/G Dipper which I might be persuaded to trade. I'm only looking for a top qulity instrument from on of the premier makers. Many thanks, Andy
  19. The Conner concertina arrived Wednesday morning. Its in almost unused condition and is fast and responsive with a strong tone. Pat and Ronan in County Clare were a pleasure to deal with. I am very pleased and am slightly puzzled by the thread urging caution. Is it just that concertina buyers are a cautious and distrustful lot? Andy
  20. Hi All I am aware that I need a midi synthesizer as well as the concertina but this seems a small price to pay for matrimonial harmony. My prefered practise position is horizontal on the sofa in front of the TV so you can imagin the annoyance caused by even gentle playing whilst Eastenders is on. Earplugs for the wife wouldn't solve the problem and the suggestion would probably cause instant divorce and anyway would be no fun, we all love new toys I'm located on The Isle of Wight in the southern UK. Andy
  21. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a midi anglo concertina. I'm fed up getting cold stares from the other half whilst practising on my dipper and need something "quiet" to maintain matrimonial harmony. If anybody has one for sale I would be very interested. Please contact Andy on 07880 553 087 or bargemans@btconnect.com
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