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  1. Re: Tedrow Hayden: Happy to settle the "why is he selling it" controversy: just had a baby girl and it's time to trade in some of my toys for toys for little Charlotte. To answer some other questions, it's 7-1/2" wide (maybe a hair under) at the flats. It's pretty light, but I don't have a scale to give the exact number of ounces. I should have pictures up tomorrow. As for the price, I'll let the market decide and accept best offer. Meander reichberg@pattonboggs.com
  2. I'm about to list my Tedrow Hayden on ebay, but I thought I'd give the group a chance to consider it or ask questions first. It's in perfect shape, sounds great and looks just like the one on the website http://hmi.homewood.net/hayden/ Price negotiable, and ready to go. Ross 202-457-5644 reichberg@pattonboggs.com
  3. Any chance of adding a Hayden to the tour?
  4. I just bought a Stagi duet, and I'm very pleased with it. Nice sound, very responsive, and lots of fun to play. Hayden layout is easy to pick up. Yeah, the quality may not be first rate, but for an entry level instrument I am happy with it. At some point I may "graduate" to an intermediate level box, but for now I think it's a great sound for the money.
  5. still for sale? would you recommend the Stagi?
  6. I'm an accordian player who is interested in branching over to the concertina. I'm partial to the English, and don't want to spend more than about $500, and the choices seem to be limited to the Jackie (Chinese), no-name product on the internet (also chinese), and the stagi 30. Anyone have any feedback on the sound and overall quality of any of these? or if anyone has any feedback on the Stagi duet, I'd like to hear it. thanks
  7. I'm new to the concertina game and am thinking about getting a Stagi duet. Were you satisfied with your Stagis/Bastardis regarding sound and overall quality?
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